What to Wear Traveling in Italy

Posted on Jul 5 2013 - 4:13am by Tyler Coleman

Italy is a large country in Southern Europe and birthplace of Western culture. Apart from that, the country is widely known for its delicious cuisine, haute couture, luxury cars & bikes, diverse regional cultures, and of course trendy fashions. Not only this, the country has a number of beautiful alpine lakes and mountains. Combine all these and you get Italy – Bel Paese – meaning The Beautiful Country. To travel in such a country would be nothing less than heavenly and you wouldn’t want to waste your chances by dressing like a snob. Hence you need to know what to wear while traveling in Italy.

What to Wear Traveling in Italy

Weather of Italy

Italy has a varied and diverse climate, from snow-capped mountains in the north to ‘always warm’ in the south. Winter and summer climate both vary considerably both in north and south. It can be subzero in Milan while warmer in Sicily. The mountains of the country, too, create microclimates.

Northern Italy – This region is dominated by The Alps and is always snow-covered, so you can experience very cold climates here. The Alpine region of the country witnesses cold winters with a lot of snow, while summers can be warm in the regions lying below. When you move slightly away from the mountains, the northern part generally enjoys a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters.

Southern Italy – This region of Italy enjoys maximum sunshine and least rains. The summer temperature can go up to 30 degrees Celsius, but winters are generally milder in this part. Rainfall is low and summers can be particularly dry. However, stormy weather can be expected in winters and autumn.

Central Regions – The interior of the country is dominated by the Apennines. They reach up to 2000m and witness cold temperatures in winters and snowfall from December to January. The difference between the east and west coast of the country is also caused by them, making the west wetter and warmer in winters than east of the country. Summer temperatures are almost the same in both the regions.

What to Wear in Italy?

Being a traveler in Italy isn’t easy given you know how stylish the place is, but you don’t necessarily have to dress up like an Italian. However, some travelers insist on dressing up like the locals to blend in a bit more or citing natural immersions as the reason. Here are some suggestions on what to pack while traveling in the country.

Women – Italian women are well known for their great taste in fashion and since you cannot carry your whole wardrobe to the country, you can pick a few equally trendy dresses and accessories to match up. Fun or pop-colored denims are good options when matched with contrasting tunic tops. Skirts and shorts will do well in warmer regions and a little black dress will be your savior when in doubt. Also keep a trench coat or light jacket if you intend to stay longer.

Men – Formal shirts and pants are something you cannot do without. For casual outing, you can keep bright or fun-colored pants that you can team up with shirts or T-shirts. A well-tailored jacket is something you will spot every Italian man wearing, and it doesn’t have to be a formal occasion to wear it. So make sure you carry one that goes with white or beige pants or even denims.

Kids – You can pack smaller versions of your clothes for your kids if you want to keep it trendy and in vogue. And, if comfort is what you seek, keep layers of shrugs and lightweight sweaters along with jackets and coats. And, of course, something to wear beneath, like leggings, denims and T-shirts or shirts.

Footwear – You can keep comfortable and durable footwear for your travel; just make sure it is stylish too and doesn’t look shabby. Heels are only meant for the night and men can keep leather or suede shoes for the same. For the walking part, pack sneakers and belies or gladiators or may be wedges if you can walk in them all day long.

Accessories – You absolutely cannot do without a glam pair of sunglasses and a trendy handbag and its equivalent for men. Scarves are your best with any outfit.

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