What to Wear in Zurich

Posted on Jul 25 2013 - 9:13am by Tyler Coleman
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Zurich is beautiful and clean city filled with different cultures and cuisines. The city is a sight in every season. It is very colorful and lively during spring and autumn seasons while it becomes amazingly active during summers and winters. A perfect vacation would also involve a perfect wardrobe and that includes knowing what to wear in Zurich.

What to Wear in Zurich

Weather of Zurich

The summers here are hot and sunny while winters are very cold, with January being the coldest month. The temperature mostly lies between -10 degrees and 5 degrees Celsius during winters, while during summers especially in July, it can reach above 30 degrees Celsius. Winter season even witnesses snow while summer months are some of the wettest months of the year.

Summer – Summer season starts by June and ends by early September and offers the most enjoyable weather for outdoor activities. The average temperature stands somewhere between 16 to 30 degrees with a lot of sun and frequent rains. Nevertheless, it is the best month for outdoor pursuits in Zurich.

Autumn – Autumn comes by early September and ends by mid October. Mountains get to witness autumn first and thus develop a very pleasant atmosphere. This is also a time when Zurich has most colorful and lively nightlife.

Winter – Winter is also a peak tourist season in Zurich, even though temperatures drop below freezing. It often snows here in winters.

Spring – Spring is very pleasant time in Zurich with parks filled with colorful flowers; even the temperature starts to rise at this time. Nighttime, however, remains cold while days can be slightly warmer. Later part of spring witnesses rains, too.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Zurich?

Zurich is known to be a conservative and casual city, which means it is okay to wear jeans and sneakers for various occasions but it is still important to remain neat and presentable. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Layering is important during most of the season here. During the spring, you can go with dark-colored jeans or trousers which can be teamed up with lighter blouses or vests in brighter shades. It can be layered with a cardigan or a jacket during evenings. During summer months, you can drop the jeans and opt for shorts or cotton pants and Capris with tube- and tank-tops. Light summer dresses and skirts in floral prints will be good considerations. You can go for rompers, too. For winters and fall, keep heavy jackets and trench coats handy. You can also pack a pair of thermals for bitterly cold days.

Men – Dark-colored jeans and trousers paired with lighter shades of T-shirts and vests would be good for spring season. Also carry a light jacket for cooler evenings. During summers, you can switch to shorts, khakis and cotton shirts and pants. During the fall season, go with earthy tones like brown, yellow, etc. In your clothing selection. Pack full-sleeve shirts and jeans or trousers. For the winter season, keep leather jackets, an overcoat or heavy woolens. You can also go for fitting blazers.

Kids – You can keep floral prints and bright shades of clothes for the spring season. Skirts and jumpsuits would be perfect for spring season when layered with shrugs and cardigans. With a rise in temperature, you can switch to shorts and cotton trousers and t-shirts or vests. Autumn will require warm rompers, lightweight jackets, full-sleeve shirts or ¾ blouses, which can be paired with jeans and skirts and slacks. Keep a light jacket for evenings. Also pack thermals in extra-cold days along with lots of woolens and fleece.

Footwear – Boots are perfect for the winter season. You can go for a pair that is waterproof as well as keeping your feet warm. Leather booties would be perfect for autumn season. During summer and spring, you can go for flat ballet pumps and comfy sandals. You can also go for wedging espadrilles. Avoid flip-flops if you can.

Accessories – No outfit is actually complete without the proper accessories such as scarves in bright hues and bags. You will not need an umbrella here, not because it doesn’t rain but because the wind is way too strong and an umbrella will not withstand that pressure. So, go for warm waterproof jackets instead.