What to Wear in Zurich in September

Posted on Jun 26 2013 - 2:36pm by Tyler Coleman

Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland and capital canton of Switzerland and located northwest of Lake Zurich. Having said that, it is an amazing tourist destination, too, with various churches and museums to keep you occupied. If you intend upon visiting the city in September, you should have a fair idea of the weather, so that you can pack accordingly and prepare your itinerary. A lot doesn’t go into researching it and thinking of what to wear in Zurich in September!

What to Wear in Zurich in September

Weather of Zurich During September

This is when autumn starts in Zurich. It comes early and offers a very comfortable climate to tourists. During this time, Zurich offers the most colorful and lively nightlife. Autumn months witness the highest rainfall of the year, but you need not worry about that, since the downpours are usually short. Zurich, located 409 meters above sea level at the northern end of the Lake of Zürich on the Swiss central plateau, is an awesome place to visit any time throughout the year because the temperature remains moderate with no extremes of hot and cold.

What to Wear in Zurich?

In Switzerland, nobody really cares what you are wearing unless you go to a fancy restaurant in jeans and a sweatshirt!

Women – Jeans, shorts or cropped pants will all do. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. So you can still pack a lightweight jacket and your tank top, too. You never know what you might need. An elegant dress for an evening out along with a tote will set you good.

Men – Guys can stick with jeans or crops along with t-shirts. For formal outing, you can pick up a full-sleeve shirt, and fitting trousers. A belt and a nice watch will complete your look. Don’t forget a jacket, too!

Kids – Girls can go for short dresses paired with jackets and boys can go for shirts or t-shirts and jeans or shorts. Layering the look will help because it gives you a chance to add or remove clothing per the weather.

Footwear – Leave the heels and formal shoes for evening time only or for nightclubs! Think casual or sneakers for daytime. Leather sandals or closed-toe shoes will be good. If you have hiking as a part of your itinerary, you’ll need proper shoes for that. Choose shoes that make you feel comfortable.

Accessories – Along with a sunscreen and an umbrella, you will need a raincoat, too, since it might rain in September. You might also want to bring an adaptor to suit your device if it works on 220v or a universal plug will also do. A camera will of course be required. Also pack stuff lightly because once you see the steeping hills of Zurich, you’ll realize why it’s important to pack light. Most of the stuff you’ll be carrying on your back, so think about it when you pack.

Overall, it’s a nice place for a little adventure and sightseeing, too. Happy holidays!

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