What to Wear in Vietnam in January

Posted on Jan 13 2014 - 7:25am by Tyler Coleman
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The city of Vietnam was known for the longest time as a war torn city. After the Vietnam War, both the United States as well as Vietnam underwent several changes. Vietnam has now gone on to become a tourist attraction for hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. Vietnam is located around the Indian and Pacific Ocean, so it makes as a great location for visiting beaches. For someone considering visiting Vietnam in January it is important to be aware of the weather conditions. This will help a person better pack for their trip.

What to Wear in Vietnam in January

Weather of Vietnam in January

If you plan on visiting Vietnam in January it is important that you are aware of the climate of this region. Vietnam is categorized as a humid subtropical climate that can be considered rather warm for the wintertime. During the month of January the average high temperatures are around 32 degrees Celsius and has lows of about 21 degrees Celsius. There is also about a 20% chance of rainfall during the month of January. Before leaving for the airport there are a few essentials that you should pack before leaving your home.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Vietnam in January?

Women Wear: Vietnam in January

Women should pack as if it is the summertime. When compared to other countries and cities around the world, Vietnam is actually a lot hotter than anywhere else. Women should pack a few different changes of shorts. Cargo shorts are a great option for those that want to spend time outside. Women can also wear v neck shirts that will help keep them cool while in the Vietnam subtropical weather. Capri pants are the best options if a woman does not want to wear jeans. These offer women the option to keep cool without having to show too much skin. During the nighttime the women can wear long sleeve casual shirts or a nice evening dress.

Men Wear: Vietnam in January

Men considering what to wear in Vietnam in January, should be thoroughly prepared. Men can wear V neck shirts to keep cool in the jungle climate of Vietnam. This is a great option as a person can match them with shorts and jeans as well. Skinny jeans may not be the best option for a person to wear in Vietnam, because it can get fairly warm. It would be best to wear more loose fitting jeans while in Vietnam. A man can even wear a tank top as well. During the evening a simple sweater or dress shirt can be worn with khakis or dress pants.

Kids Wear: Vietnam in January

Kids should bring a few selections of shirts that are comfortable to wear during the day time. Hoodies can be worn for children in case of potential rainfall, however the best option for a child would be a nice light jacket. Young girls can wear skirts or leggings for comfort while in the humid weather of Vietnam. Shorts can also be worn by young children to be comfortable during the visit to Vietnam.

Footwear: Vietnam in January

Footwear of any kind can be worn to Vietnam during the month of January. A nice pair of tennis shoes should be brought on this trip, as they offer a person a lot of comfort. Also, a pair of boots can be brought in case of the rain to keep your feet wet. Dress shoes and heels can be worn at night for a nightly outing.

Accessories: Vietnam in January

The best accessory to bring with you on a trip to Vietnam in January, is an umbrella. Your umbrella will help you in the off chance that the rainfall comes.