What to Wear in Vancouver

Posted on Jul 25 2013 - 4:02am by Tyler Coleman
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What to wear in Vancouver would depend on what season you want to visit it. That would further depend on what do you want to do there. If it is skiing, then December, January and February would be perfect months for it. If you want to drive through the interiors, then May-June is the ideal time. The best part about Vancouver is that no matter how warm it is in the day, the nights are always cooler. You will probably need a jacket during evenings.

What to Wear in Vancouver

Weather in Vancouver

Vancouver is known as the city of mini-climates due to its location. Sometimes it rains endlessly in North Vancouver while it is bright and sunny towards south. And if you want a word for the climate of Vancouver, then it has to be “unpredictable”. It is also known as the rainy city and holds a reputation of being forever wet. However, the entire city doesn’t witness rainfall, it’s mainly the northern parts and the mountains of north shore where it rains cats and dogs. Its mild climate is constant all year around and the weather doesn’t go to extreme ends, i.e., temperatures do not drop below freezing. However, the fog from the Georgia Strait can sometimes spread to downtown areas and last for days providing zero visibility.

You will see people swimming in English Bay all year around (though it can be chilly at times). Spring starts early here and once it does, you will find most of golf courses busy.

Summer temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees at times and you can also come across heatwaves from July to September.

Autumn or fall season makes it a picture-perfect location with yellow and orange colors. Streets are lined with trees and the sunny skies make it a perfect time to visit.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Vancouver?

Vancouver is mostly a casual town. People here dress up in smart casuals, which are neither too formal nor too casual. The mild weather of Vancouver allows you to wear all kinds of clothes as long as you carry a light sweater for the evenings. Here are some suggestions:

Women – You will rarely find women wearing makeup and heels for grocery stores in Vancouver. As mentioned, it is a casual place; they even wear jeans and T-shirts to restaurants and operas; so you need not worry about fashion here. Summers are warm, so carry jeans and T-shirts and a sweater that can be worn in the evening. You can also carry lightweight fabric pants and jumpers and skirts along with half-sleeve shirts. For the cool evening, you just need to layer up with a jacket or a sweater. Winters would require a coat and waterproof gear, too!

Men – Now that you know that it is not a very fashion-forward city, you can still maintain your dressing sense here. All the sightseeing and roaming and strolling can be done in jeans and T-shirts. You can also go for chinos along with polo-neck T-shirts. Wearing formal pants with button-down shirts is always a good idea no matter where you are. You can go for shorts or Bermuda shorts, too. Just remember to pack a few sweaters and a blazer because it gets cold in the night.

Kids – Layering and waterproof gear is always a good idea for packing no matter where you are going. For summer and spring season, you can pack skirts and tank-tops for girls, which can be layered with shrugs and jackets. Jumpsuits and pantsuits can also be considered. If you do not want to go for jeans, you can pack cotton shorts and pants. For a slightly cooler temperature, you will need woolens and fleece. Remember to put winter gear, too.

Footwear – You need not carry the heels and formal shoes here, but don’t carry white tennis shoes under any circumstances. You can do well with flat ballets, espadrilles, sneakers, and trainers. Pack rubber boots, too, as it rains a lot.

Accessories – Waterproof gear would be required in every season, so don’t forget your umbrellas and trench coats. You can also carry snow-boots along with sunglasses and hats. You can still add some glam to your looks by accessorizing with scarves.