What to Wear in Vancouver in November

Posted on Jul 5 2013 - 4:45am by Tyler Coleman
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Vancouver, the Hollywood of North and home to International Film and Wine festivals is a coastal city on the mainland British Columbia, Canada. The city has a lot to offer to its tourists in the form of its art galleries and museums or shopping. There is everything for everyone! The weather here, however changes very rapidly and in case you have a trip planned in November, you might as well want to know what to wear in Vancouver in November.

What to Wear in Vancouver in November

Weather of Vancouver in November

Although in whole of British Columbia, early fall can be said as one of the most pleasant in Vancouver. Mild temperatures in some areas can make it feel like summer, at times, but that is only during the initial stages of November. As the winter approaches, the chances of you experiencing rains increase, but there is no dearth of sunny days even; you’ll get quite a few easily. Although you can wear shorts in November, but we won’t recommend it seriously, as you might feel the odd chill at times. It is always better to carry a long-sleeve shirt along with something you can make layers of! Do not forget to bring your rain attire as you might witness odd rains, especially in the northern regions.

What to Wear in Vancouver?

What you bring clothing-wise will depend upon the kind of activities you have planned and the season you are visiting the city in. Predicting the weather during  November could be a little challenging, as this is the later part of fall and early onset of winters. If not stacked up properly, you’ll either stand out as a tourist or freeze to death, maybe. Since it is going to be early winters, you might as well go for the layered look and pack lots of heavy and lightweight jackets, raincoats, leggings and more of warmer clothes.

Women – Ladies can go for long-sleeved blouses and jeans and trench coats. Gloves and scarves are optional. The streets are cold, but once inside a place it might get a little warmer, so layering is suggested. Heavy jackets or lightweight jackets both can be worn based upon the intensity of cold.

Men – Guys can stick to winter gear like coats, jeans, trousers and full-sleeve shirts. Sweaters, jackets, scarves, mufflers, etc. Will all come in handy.

Kids – Pack your kids with layers of clothes before stepping out. Thermals, shirts, sweaters, jackets, coats, denims, and woolen clothes are all good options.

Footwear – Think of closed-toe shoes and sandals during this month. Woolen socks, ski shoes and any specific type of shoes as per your activity scheduled. For nightclubs, however, you can reserve a formal pair.

Accessories – A sunscreen is required year round. An umbrella and rain coat is not to be forgotten. Carry some medications, etc. if you feel the need.

The weather during November is usually mild and clear, but there is always the possibility of it turning dark and gray. In either case, go prepared.