What to Wear in Vancouver in July

Posted on Jun 25 2013 - 12:10pm by Tyler Coleman
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There can be better than visiting Vancouver in summertime. There is so much to do and the weather is a treat. This is festival time in the city and with so many waterfront activities; you’ll have hard time sitting idle. Apart from that, there are so many festivals like ‘Bard on the beach Shakespeare Festival’, ‘Festival of Contemporary Dance’ and the most anticipated ‘Festival of Light’. With so much to do, you should start your packing right away and think of stuff you will carry and what to wear in Vancouver in July, so that you can mix up with the crowd and enjoy your vacation to fullest.

What to Wear in Vancouver in July

Weather of Vancouver in July

You might be thinking it’s going to scorching hot in July in Vancouver, but to your surprise it’s rarely scorching there, though it is warm and comfortable. The temperature in this month can vary from 23 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees, which appears very comfortable. The city, which is famous for its rain, rarely experiences any rainfall in the month of July, may be 7 days out of 31 days. In short, July in Vancouver has the fewest rainy days, most hours of sunlight, moderate humidity and is warm, but comfortable.

What to wear in Vancouver in July?

If you are planning on doing some large hikes, bringing clothing to layer is also prudent, as it can be quite cool at higher elevations even in the summer. There are also many pristine lakes and picturesque ocean beaches to choose from in B.C., so don’t forget your swimsuit. Be aware, however, that many lakes and rivers are fed by glacial-melt water, which can be extremely cold at any time of year.

Women – For the most part, t-shirts, shorts and tank tops will be acceptable attire. Light-colored and full-sleeved tops will also do well for evenings. For hiking or going for elevated places, you might want to pack some layers. For beaches, though, a swimsuit and sunglasses are all you need.

Men – Men can go for linen trousers or cropped pants. Cotton shorts are also a good option. Cotton t-shirts and shirts (both long- and short-sleeved) will get you through most parts of Vancouver. However, you can still keep a lightweight jacket, in case it drizzles and leaves the climate cooler.

Kids – The same set of clothes applies to kids too. T-shirts and cotton or linen shorts for boys and girls can stick to t-shirts and shorts or short dresses. Don’t forget to keep layers for kids, too.

Footwear – Sandals, shoes, and gladiators will all be suited in summer. Choose shoes that you are comfortable in and that let you walk around with ease.

Accessories – The evergreen sunscreen and umbrella are a must in Vancouver. You can also keep sunhat and sunglasses. If you are going north, you might want to keep a scarf.

Since it is summertime, expect to find a lot of crowd as visitors throng the place during summers. But still, its waterfront activities and festivals will be worth it all.