What to Wear in Vancouver in August

Posted on Jul 5 2013 - 4:39am by Tyler Coleman
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Vancouver is an ideal summer destination. With an amazing climate and an array of activities in the summertime, the city never ceases to entertain its guests. In fact, it’s a treat for entertainment-hungry soul. There is music festival called ‘Festival Vancouver’ and then there is ‘Celebration of Light’, ‘Abbotsford Air Show’, and for the kids there is a fair and Kerrisdale Days that involves entertaining entire families. In short, it is a fully fledged deal in August. To get the best, you must mix up with the crowd by not looking like a tourist. For that you need to know what to wear in Vancouver in August! Here’s the answer.

What to Wear in Vancouver in August

Weather of Vancouver in July

August is actually not that hot. In fact, it’s quite warm, yet comfortable enough to explore the city. The temperature shoots up to 23 degrees Celsius and it can drop down to 12 degrees Celsius. You can expect an 11-day rain in the month of August which means you are still required to bring your raincoats and umbrellas. Though its summertime, evenings, especially in the surrounding mountains, can be cool.

What to Wear in Vancouver?

British Columbians prefer relaxed lifestyle that is smart at the same time. So, stick to the rule – bring something that is casual and comfortable!

Women – For the most part, T-shirts, shorts, and tank tops will be acceptable attire. Light-colored and full-sleeved tops will also do well for evenings. For hiking or going to elevated places, you might want to pack some layers. For beaches, though, a swimsuit and sunglasses are all you need. It might be cold during evening, so pack a few sweaters, too.

Men – You can’t go wrong with linen trousers or cropped ones. Cotton crops, shorts or full-length trousers are also a good option. Cotton T-shirts and shirts (both long- and short-sleeved) will get you through most parts of Vancouver. However, you can still keep a lightweight jacket, in case it drizzles and leaves the climate cooler.

Kids – The same set of clothes applies to kids, too. T-shirts and cotton or linen shorts for boys and girls can stick to t-shirts and shorts or short dresses. Don’t forget to keep the layers for kids, too.

Footwear – Vancouver gives you a lot of options where you’ll need to walk to enjoy the real beauty. Therefore, make sure you do not forget to pack shoes that are ‘the most comfortable’ for you! Sandals, shoes, and gladiators will all be suited in summer. Choose shoes that you are comfortable in and that lets you walk around with ease.

Accessories – The evergreen sunscreen and umbrella are a must in Vancouver. You can also keep sunhat and sunglasses and rainwear. May be a scarf or two!

You can expect some crowd in August, but do not worry the magnificent city will stop at nothing to give you a good time.