What to Wear in Taipei

Posted on Aug 17 2013 - 6:20am by Tyler Coleman
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Taipei is the capital of Republic of China and situated at the northernmost tip of Taiwan. The place has a lot to offer in terms of museums and art galleries and has an excellent night life, too. To mix in with the locals better, you must know their culture and dress appropriately and that comes by knowing what to wear in Taipei.

What to Wear in Taipei

Weather of Taipei

The location of Taipei in between two rivers makes it lie in the subtropical zone with an average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. As with subtropical climates, it doesn’t experience brutal heat or severe cold during winters. It has warm and humid climate.

Summer – As its climate is affected by the Pacific Ocean, summers here are hot and humid. The average temperature is 29 degrees Celsius and the season witnesses heavy rains and typhoons. It doesn’t cool much during evenings, too, and the high humidity makes the weather slightly uncomfortable.

Winter – Winters are warm and mild apart from being short and foggy. The fog in the region is caused due to north-easterly winds increasing and sitting in the Taipei basin. Winters experience reduced rainfall compared to summer months. Winter season is an ideal time to visit Taipei as the weather is mild and cool with less humid winter air.

Spring – Spring brings increased rainfall along with it. Taipei sees an increased rain into and throughout the wet summer months. The temperatures are moderate and fluctuate between 19 to 29 degrees Celsius. Slowly, the temperature increases as weather transits from rainy to typhoon season. Right after spring, it is typhoon season in Taipei.

Autumn – Autumn sees reduced temperatures than summer and the averages fluctuate between 19 to 25 degrees Celsius. Rains start to taper off as winters approach, which is a fairly dry season. It also marks the beginning of a foggy and cooler weather.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Taipei?

Taipei is a very casual city and its dressing style reflects it. Here are some clothing suggestions:

Women – You can go for knee-length shorts and half-sleeved T-shirts or tank-tops. As it is hot and humid, we would advise to go for cotton shirts and skirts or clothes in sheer fabrics that dry off easily and let the breeze pass through. You can go for linen trousers, too, or skirts in cotton. For winters, just two layers of clothing would be more than enough, unless you are planning for mountains. Carry a heavy jacket and full-sleeve blouses along with jeans or warm leggings. You can go for skirts and pair them with leggings and a heavy sweater or jacket over it. Do carry a windbreaker or a raincoat as sudden showers will sneak up on you at any time of the day.

Men – Go for cotton and linen during summer months. You can go for polo-neck t-shirts or cotton shirts that can be worn with linen pants or Bermuda shorts. You can pair T-shirts along with khaki pants, too. As humidity is very high in the area, pack only breathable clothes. Vests will also do along with shorts. Winters would require warmer clothes which can be layered. You can go for full-sleeve shirts along with jeans or trousers and a heavy casual jacket or woolen sweater. For going up in the mountains, you will require heavier gear. Carrying a windbreaker or a raincoat is also a good idea.

Kids – Go for cotton during summer and spring. Cotton shirts and jumpsuits can be worn easily and will also let them stay comfortable in humid weather. Heavy jacket and sweaters will be required in winters along with full-sleeve shirts, warm slacks, or leggings and jeans. As rains are pretty unreliable, carry raincoats and windbreakers, too.

Footwear – Nobody wears shoes much in Taipei and you will also stain them if you do. Carry strapped sandals which aren’t just comfortable but also dry up easily and quickly. If you still want to go for them, you can go for sneakers. No formal shoes would be required here. It has a flip-flop culture.

Accessories – A backpack would be required, but as pick-pocketing does happen here, keep your important stuff in wallet only. Carry an umbrella, too, along with sunscreen and sunglasses. If you don’t mind wearing hats, you could go for a baseball cap or a cowboy hat.