What to Wear in Taipei in October

Posted on Oct 6 2013 - 8:40am by Tyler Coleman

Taipei is the largest city in Taiwan and has been the capital of the Republic of China ever since the Chinese Civil War. The city is located on the riverside and has played a pivotal role in China’s industrial and economic development. The city is full of a number of cultural and historic attractions. October is a great month to visit Taipei as the weather is very pleasant and rainfall also reduces, but before you start exploring the city, here is what you should know about what to wear in Taipei in October.

What to Wear in Taipei in October

Weather of Taipei in October

October brings about relief from the summer heat and the temperature starts to decrease. As winter seems to approach, temperatures see a steady drop. During October, the average highs are 26 degrees Celsius while average lows are 22 degrees. Autumn is fairly drier as compared to previous months so rains start to taper off, but it’s not until winters that rains become occasional here. October also marks the end of typhoons season, giving you a better chance to explore the city.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Taipei?

Even though it is October and the weather is supposed to be a lot cooler now, blame it on the Pacific Ocean, it is still pretty warm there; so, pack most of your summer stuff. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Women here dress up rather chic and have a taste in style and beauty. So, while you are here, explore some funky stores or pack your own chic tops and jeans or shorts. Skirts and half-sleeve blouses work very well and you can go for knee-length shorts and tank-tops, too. You can also opt for colored denims and neutral hued blouses and tops to go with them. It often rains, so carry a windbreaker for such situations.

Men – You can’t dress up sloppily when the ladies are putting their best foot forward. You can go casual by the way with polo-neck t-shirts and Bermuda shorts. Chinos will look good with full-sleeve shirts or polo-necks. You can also go for semi-formal shirts and trousers. Collared button-down shirts can be paired with formal trousers and jeans. A light jacket might be required for the evenings or you can carry a windbreaker jacket, too, in case you are caught in the rain or storm.

Kids – Pack skirts and tops for your girl. You can also opt for shorts and tops or t-shirts and shorts. Jeans and shirts can also be packed along with rompers or jumpers. Boys can go for jeans and shirts or t-shirts and shorts.

Footwear – Pack comfortable shoes and go for ones that you have already worn before, so that newer pair doesn’t sting your feet. Ballet flats are best suited for ladies looking for comfort and style. Sneakers and trainers are also good options. If you want to pack open-toe shoes, go for gladiators and sandals.

Accessories – You will not need much except the usual, like sunscreen, sunglasses, and bags. As rains can still be expected, do carry a raincoat or an umbrella.

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