What to Wear in Taipei in November

Posted on Oct 6 2013 - 8:45am by Tyler Coleman

Taipei is the capital city of the Republic of China and is located on the northernmost tip of Taiwan, between two valleys formed by rivers. The city holds a lot of historical and cultural significance and people can enjoy its fine art and museums. Visitors can also enjoy its parks, hot springs, nature reserves, the zoo, and a beach that offers water and boating sports. November is a great month to visit the city, but before you start packing, you must know what to wear in Taipei in November.

What to Wear in Taipei in November

Weather of Taipei in November

November witnesses seasonal transition from late autumns to early winters. The temperature begins to fall as winter approaches and the maximum daytime average remain around 23 degrees Celsius, which drops down to 19 degrees during the night. The sun stays out for roughly 4 hours daily and the weather is generally cloudy and foggy with slight possibilities of rainfall.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Taipei?

The weather keeps fluctuating between warm and ‘wet warm’ during November, so packing for one kind of weather becomes a little tricky. To help you a bit in packing, here are some suggestions:

Women – Some days it is so warm that you can go around in tank-tops and Hotpants; other days it gets cold enough to wrap yourself in jackets. So basically, you will need summer clothes along with warmer ones. The best way would be to pack in layers so that if the sun decides to show up, you can easily drop off the layers. You can opt for jeans and half-sleeve tops and blouses. Knee-length shorts and Capris are good for daytime, but evenings get a little colder. Pack lightweight sweaters and jackets that you can easily add or remove accordingly.

Men – Your clothes will depend mostly on the weather of current day. So, on warmer days, you can go around in half-sleeve t-shirts and Bermuda shorts, but on colder days (which occur rather frequently) you will need warmer clothes. You can also pack in layers, like full-sleeve shirts along with lightweight jackets. Jeans and warm trousers will also work with t-shirts and shirts. Do carry a windbreaker jacket or a sweater.

Kids – It’s better if you pack fuller clothes for your kids as children tend to catch cold easily. Full-sleeve t-shirts and jeans would be your best options along with woolen sweaters or light jackets. Girls can also go for skirts with warm slacks or leggings, which can be layered with a jacket or a warm shrug.

Footwear – Ankle booties will look very nice on jeans and slacks and they will also protect your feet from dust and cold. You can go for platforms or flat ballets, too. Men can go for sneakers or trainers. Try avoiding flip-flops during this time of the year.

Accessories – Don’t forget your umbrella or a raincoat as rains aren’t completely out of the picture yet. A windbreaker can also be packed along with your sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats.

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