What to Wear in Taipei in December

Posted on Oct 6 2013 - 8:50am by Tyler Coleman

Taipei is an absolute delight during winters with mild and moderate temperatures and warm winter air. The months of December offer you exactly the same by marking the beginning of the winter season. So, if you are all set to visit the city, just take a look at what to wear in Taipei in December.

What to Wear in Taipei in December

Weather of Taipei in December

Winter season is an ideal time to visit Taipei and December happens to be one such month where you will be greeted with lower temperatures (not chilling). The average highs are 15 degrees which can drop to average lows of 12 degrees Celsius. The winter season here is mild and foggy due to north-easterly winds which sit and keep increasing in the Taipei basin. Heavy rains and typhoons can occur, but very unlikely to come around in December as it is more of a ‘dry’ month as compared to others. The weather is mild and moderate and you can enjoy the warm and less humid winter air.

What to Wear and How to pack for Taipei in December?

Even though December isn’t that cold in Taiwan, it is a completely different story when the wind blows. So, the best way is t pack in layers. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Days are pretty warm sometimes but evenings can get a bit chillier, so it’s best to stick to layers and pack warm clothes. You can go for jeans and pair them with warm shirts or full-sleeve t-shirts or blouses and the layer up with a cardigan or a sweater, and in case you still feel cold, add another layer of a leather jacket. Tunics and warm slacks can also be taken along with cardigans and jackets. It isn’t cold enough to pack coats, but if temperatures below 10 degrees start to freeze, you can throw in a coat, too.

Men – As just mentioned, the best way to pack would be to stuff in more layers of clothes. You can go for full-sleeve t-shirts or shirts along with jeans and then layer them with a sweater or a jacket. Formal wear would comprise of collared button-down shirts and a warm trouser along with a blazer. You needn’t go that formal and instead opt for dark jeans, a shirt in neutral or light hues and layer up with a blazer. You can go for leather jackets and woolen sweaters to add further layers to your outfits.

Kids – Pack woolen and fleece sweaters for your kids. You can go for jeans and cargoes along with full-sleeve t-shirts and shirts. Warm leggings will also do. To add layers of clothes, you can pack leather jackets or sports jackets or sweaters. Hoodies and jeans will also work well. Carry windbreaker jackets for windy days.

Footwear – Opt for comfortable closed-toe shoes during December. You can pack trainers or sneakers with woolen socks. Loafers will also work for men. If going for open-toe shoes, make sure you have packed woolen socks, too.

Accessories – A raincoat or an umbrella will be required on certain days. Also throw in a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses in a bag or backpack.

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