What to Wear in Taipei in April

Posted on Mar 8 2014 - 4:50am by Tyler Coleman
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Taipei is one of the two largest cities found within the Republic of China. Taipei is also the official capital city of China, although most people confuse it to be Hong Kong. Taipei is a located near the Pacific Ocean, and the Tamsui River. Being located so close to various bodies of water, you have plenty of options when it comes to waterfront activities. Taipei was made the official capital of China back in 1888. Since this time, Taipei has since become one of the most popular and well known tourist locations in the world.

What to Wear in Taipei in April

Weather in Taipei in April

The climate of Taipei in April is known as a humid subtropical one that is characterized as a having a variety of different weather conditions. When coming to visit April in Taipei this is an awesome time to visit the city. Taipei in April is known for its heavy rainfall and high amounts of precipitation. During this month you should expect to experience a lot of days of rainfall, typically about 7 inches of rain. The average highs of Taipei in April is typically around 26 degrees celsius and lows of about 19 degrees celsius.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Taipei in April

When traveling to Taipei it is a good idea to bring a variety of different clothes and accessories to help make your trip more enjoyable. When it comes to packing clothes for this trip it may seem to be very difficult. Many people are a bit confused when it comes to bringing clothes to a trip to Taipei. Many people make the mistake of bringing the wrong clothes to this trip, which could lead to a very horrid time. The weather conditions of this period is incredibly hard to pack for but by following a few tips you can successfully do it.

Women: What to Wear

Women should bring a variety of clothing that includes shorts, pants, jeans, capris, long sleeve shirt and short sleeved shirts. The reason a woman will need all of these clothes is because the weather of this town is very hard to decipher. During the afternoon it may be raining very hard, but switch to an incredibly warm period. A great option for women would be a nice pair of capris with a henley shirt and a nice light jacket. Another great option would be a nice pair of jeans and a crew neck with a nice button up sweater.

Women during the evenings should definitely wear a light jacket while going out. Taipei does not get extremely cold during the evenings, but it is important to have a jacket. One of the best outfits to wear would be a nice pair of leggings with a button up shirt. The light jacket should be made from a comfortable material that allows you to breathe. It is important to remember that the climate is very humid, so wearing thick clothing can cause you to sweat. A short skirt can be worn as well, especially for going out to a nightclub.

Men: What to Wear

Men will want to bring a variety of long sleeve shirts and short sleeve options. A great option for men would be a nice short sleeve button up shirt with a crew neck shirt underneath it. As far as bottoms are concerned you could wear cargo shorts or a nice pair jean shorts would work perfectly. Men can wear jeans during the rainy days, as it will help keep your legs dry. A nice jacket would work well with all outfits worn, while in Taipei. During the rainy days you can also wear a nice sweatsuit with a hoody.

During the evening time a man should stick to long sleeved outfits including sweaters. There are a variety of acrylic sweaters that look great on almost every man. Sweaters are a great option for men during the evening, as they they come in a variety of different styles. A nice V neck sweater would work well with a nice pair of denim jeans. For simply walking around sightseeing during the evening a nice pair of shorts and a simple V neck shirt will suffice, as long as it is worn with a heavy coat.

Kids: What to Wear

Kids should wear coats and long sleeve outfits while visiting Taipei. Taipei weather conditions are somewhat erratic and can switch between rainy and humid to cool with a breeze. Kids would benefit from wearing long sleeve sweaters or a nice denim outfit. A nice denim jacket with a nice pair of denim pants would be a great option for those rainy days. During the evening days a nice leather jacket with a nice pair of jeans is a great option for children in the evening time.

Footwear: What to Wear

One of the best options for footwear would be a few options of boots. Boots are a great for walking around as well as keeping your feet warm during the evening times. One of the bes things about boots is they can be worn with a variety of different outfits. Also, there are some boots that are designed to be more dressy, which are great for going to a nightclub. Another great option would be a few options of nice tennis shoes. Tennis shoes like boots are both comfortable as well as stylish. Tennis shoes can go incredibly well with a variety of different clothing options.

Accessories: What to Wear

One of the best accessories to bring with you would be a nice scarf. A scarf would work incredibly well with a variety of different options, especially for women and young girls. Scarves can be matched with different outfits and can make these outfits stand out. Scarves also can help keep you warm during the rainy and chilly times. A scarf would be the best option for the evening time, especially with a nice dressy outfit. A hat would be another great option for people visiting Taipei. There are a variety of different hats in different styles that go great with a variety of outfits.

Visiting Taipei in April

Visiting Taipei in April would be the best time to visit the Long Shan Temple. The Long Shan Temple is free to visit and is open to the public. This Long Shan Temple is known as the meeting of the gods and typically holds festivals during the year. There are a variety of deities that are worshipped by the residents of Taipei. The Maokong Gondola is another great location for those interested in seeing Taipei from a different perspective. The gondola ride is cheap and well worth the trip to Taipei.

Events in Taipei in April

There are a variety of events for you to take part in while in Taipei during the month of April. One of the events that you should check out would be Taiwan Souvenir and Handicraft Showcase. This showcase brings in a plethora of different souvenir companies that offer a variety of trinkets and products to show. This is a great opportunity for consumers and marketers to socialize together and share ideas. This also offers consumers a chance to see some of the newest products available.