What to Wear in Sydney

Posted on Jul 27 2013 - 12:43pm by Tyler Coleman
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Sydney is a multicultural city and the largest in Australia. It means you will encounter all sorts of people in the city, so you do not have to fret over what to wear in Sydney. This is a safe, friendly, beautiful, and a clean cosmopolitan city. You are sure to have fun here.

What to Wear in Sydney

Weather of Sydney

Sydney has a temperate maritime climate, meaning summers are hot while winters are mild. The temperature and climate of Sydney are dependent on its coastal position and the temperate seas that surround it. This means the temperature in Sydney never gets as cold as the rest of the country. Rainfalls are a year-round thing and can happen at any point in time. One thing to be noted here is Sydney lies in the Southern hemisphere, hence the seasons are reversed here.

Summer – From December to February, it is summertime in Sydney. The weather is hot and scorching but cooled down by rains. The average high is around 26 degrees Celsius, while nights are cooler but with only a few degrees.

Autumn – May to March is autumn in Sydney. The beginning of autumn is only slightly cooler than the peak summer months in Sydney, but with it gets better with the passing months. This is also the wettest time of the year.

Winter – From June to August, it is winter in Sydney. The temperatures are mild with fairly dry climate. The sunny winter days are very pleasant and suitable for beach.

Spring – From September to November, it is a great weather as springs takes over the city. Daytime highs are only in 20s for most of the season and even the nights start getting warmer.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Sydney?

Sydney has a unique dressing sense which comprises of the beach culture during the day and a bit more polished and pulled-together during the evening and night. Here are some suggestions:

Women – For the beach, bikini and sarong are must-haves. You might want to skip thongs as they are not considered appropriate in the city. And, unless it is a very formal occasion, you can skip the long gown. In the summers, you can pack skirts, shorts, and Capris along with tank- or tube-tops. Sleeveless cotton tops are also good picks for the summer weather. You can go for jumpers and rompers, too! In case the weather is cooler, you can carry a Pashmina (most of the women here wear it) and lightweight jackets. You can also carry warm slacks and pair them up with skirts and warm blazer. You will see that it is a fairly casual city, but in case you want to go dressy, you can totally do that!

Men – The city is very casual and you can even go to the operas in your jeans and no one will give you a second look. So, pack clothes that you can mix and match, such as khaki pants and Bermuda shorts along with shirts and polo-neck T-shirts. Just pack along a few pairs of jeans, loose-fitting T-shirts and shirts, and a jacket or two, in case it gets cold. You can go for cotton and linen pants and trousers, too, in formal and semi-formal styles. There is no need for wearing tuxedos and you can do well with a shirt and tie, too, but many clubs here have strict dressing rules, such as no jeans and collarless shirts are allowed, so throw in a pair of formals, too!

Kids – Loose-fitting T-shirts and shorts are all your kids need in Sydney. You can also pack jumpers, skirts and Bermuda shorts. If it is summertime, try and avoid jeans, but for slightly colder weather, you will need them. You can also carry warm slacks and leggings along with a few jackets.

Footwear – Rubber shoes are okay as long as you are not going to a club. For that, you will need heels and leather or suede shoes. For the rest of your vacation, you can do well with sandals, gladiators, flat ballets. You just need comfortable walking shoes in Sydney.

Accessories – Do not forget your sunscreen as the sun is very harsh in Sydney. A stylish bag and a nice hat or fedora is all you need more, and maybe an umbrella, too!