What to Wear in Sydney in September

Posted on Jul 2 2013 - 4:16am by Tyler Coleman
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There are a number of activities to enjoy in Sydney all through the year, and September is one such month. During this month, you can enjoy the Festival of Winds, which is basically like a kite flying festival. Its celebrations include music and dancing. And then there is The Rugby League Grand Finale for sports maniacs. You can also get a taste of Sydney’s culture while you are here in its Darling Harbor Latin Festival which involves Latin and Spanish style of dancing at Darling Harbor. With so much to do, you’ll hardly have time to sit idle. So it is better you pack in advance and knowing what to wear in Sydney in September is the first step.

What to Wear in Sydney in September

Weather of Sydney in September

September marks the beginning of spring in Sydney. Though you can still experience chilly westerly winds in the city, it gets particularly cold near waters due to these winds. The climate here is measured from the sea, so the areas in the vicinity will experience milder conditions, but the ones further away from seas will face extreme weather conditions. The average temperature is about 16 degrees Celsius, and since it is spring, you can expect rain in the city; the downpours are short, though.

What to Wear in Sydney?

Since it is the beginning of spring, some days will be warm, some will be cold. Hence, you’ll need to pack for both kinds of weather. Here are some suggestions.

Women – Cold days are gone by August usually, so you finally pack your shorts for September. You can also keep T-shirt and skirts or jeans if you prefer. Don’t forget to bring a sarong, as it is common practice in Sydney to go for a lazy breakfast right from the beach. Also pack a stylish dress or wrap for night as it will get you mixed up with a good crowd.

Men – You can go for shorts or jeans or cropped pants for daytime. In fact, keep it casual during the day with shorts or crops along with T-shirts. For night, keep formal and stylish shirts to go out.

Kids – For your kids, you can pack the essential spring wear clothes, like shorts and skirts along with cool and quality T-shirts. You can also go for jumpers or jumpsuits or tank tops. Boys can go for shorts and jeans or cropped pants and of course a few shirts.

Footwear – The only rule is to bring comfortable shoes. Downtown Sydney is best explored on the feet and public transportation is easier than driving. You can pack sneakers or can pick a pair from cliff-top walk which are cheap and comfortable, too. Flip-flops are also acceptable during this time. For going out, strappy is fine and practical for both shoes and dresses.

Accessories – Australia has an alarmingly high rate of skin cancer, so you’ll definitely need a wide-brimmed hat. Sunscreens are also mandatory for a Sydney trip, even if you are not a beachgoer. Also carry an umbrella as rains are very frequent during this time of year.