What to Wear in Sydney in July

Posted on Jul 1 2013 - 11:00am by Tyler Coleman
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July is an ideal month to visit Sydney in Australia. It is an ideal month for your visit if you like outdoor activities as the temperatures are still down in this part of year, which means you can indulge in all the activities that seem nearly impossible in scorching heat. You can also enjoy the carnival of Sydney in July, which runs until August. The main feature of this carnival is folk dance along with loads of food and entertainment. Just by knowing what to wear in Sydney in July, you can experience quite a time in this vibrant city which is full of attractions, museums, and galleries.

What to Wear in Sydney in July

Weather of Sydney in July

You might be thinking it is going to be hot as hell, but that’s where you are wrong. July is Sydney’s coldest and driest month. The average daytime temperature in Sydney during this time of the year is around 13 degrees Celsius. You can expect sun to shine for 7 hours per day on an average. July is quite cold compared to other months. It is very dry too and the chances of rainfall are very low. You can definitely go for a swim, though.

What to Wear in Sydney

Now that you know it is cold in July, you will have to pack accordingly. It does get cold by evenings and days are pretty warm, too, but you might not need an overcoat unless you are roaming around the city at night.

Women – It gets cold, so you might want to pack full-sleeve tops and denims. You can skip thermals as it isn’t that cold but you’ll definitely need a windbreaker and a few sweaters. You can also pack skirts along with warm leggings or slacks and a medium-size jacket. A pretty scarf is optional, but we suggest it, as even the dullest of outfits can be brightened up by a scarf.

Men – You can pack full-sleeve shirts along with pants or trousers. Jeans will also do well. For covering up in the winter cold, you can pack woolens, sweaters, or a jacket. You can also go for a coat in case the temperature dips. Gloves aren’t that necessary, unless you decide to go out at night.

Kids – You can pack layers for your kids, like skirts and slacks for girls along with a jacket or a cardigan. For boys, you can pack shirts, t- shirts and jeans along with sweaters and jackets. You can also pack windbreakers and coats, and if they prefer casual over formal, you can pack sweatshirts, too.

Footwear – Take shoes that let you walk without any discomfort. You can go for leather boots or sneakers or anything that is strong and durable.

Accessories – Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must-have in Sydney along with a wide-brimmed hat or a fedora. Pack beachwear, too, if you intend on swimming. Apart from that, you can pack scarves, some pieces of jewelry to match your outfits and a classy fedora.