What to Wear in Sydney in February

Posted on Nov 23 2013 - 5:16am by Tyler Coleman
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February is one of the warmest months of the year, and if you love summers and are more of a ‘sand, beach and sun in a metropolis’ type of a person, Sydney is the place to be. Chinese New Year is one of the major events in the city in February and the entire city seems to be in a festive mood with processions and dragon races. Just make sure you have packed everything you need. Take a look at what to wear in Sydney in February.

What to Wear in Sydney in February

Weather of Sydney in February

As Sydney lies in southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed here. February is summertime here, and as Sydney has a maritime climate, summers are hot here. During February, the weather is hot and sunny with high humidity and chances of occasional downpours. The average daytime temperatures are around 26 degrees Celsius while the average lows are around 19 degrees Celsius. February is one of the warmest months of the year with average sunshine of 7 hours per day. The chances of rainfall are also quite high and it rains for about half of the month. The average sea temperature is about 24 degrees Celsius.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Sydney in February?

Your packing would depend upon the weather you are visiting Sydney in. As it is summertime, remember to pack everything light. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Sea is warm enough to go for a swim, so pack your swimsuits along with some sort of a cover-up, like a sarong to walk through streets and museums. Shorts and tanks are perfect for this kind of weather. You can go for capris and half-sleeve tops or stick to shorts and t-shirts. If you plan to go to restaurants or any other formal event, make sure you have packed a sundress or skirts and blouses.

Men – Pack your trunks along with Bermuda shorts and cotton vests. Your attire will also depend on the kind of activities you wish to indulge in. For most of outdoor activities, you can go for shorts or Bermudas along with t-shirts and shirts. Remember to pack lightweight clothes only. For restaurants and clubs, you can do the casual look with collared t-shirts and khakis. Cotton and linen pants or trousers can be packed with button-down shirts.

Kids – Kids can go for shorts and t-shirts. Jumpers and rompers will also do well. Girls can opt for miniskirts and tank-tops or half-sleeve shirts. Trousers and pants can also be packed.

Footwear – Comfortable shoes are must-haves, no matter where you go. You can pack flip-flops for the beach but don’t wear them anywhere, else you will end up with blistery feet at the end of the day. Ladies can opt for flat ballets or sandals. Loafers and trainers can be packed.

Accessories – As with all warm-weather travel, pack a good sunscreen with high SPF and a good insect repellent. Don’t forget your sunglasses and wide-brim hats.