What to Wear in Sydney in December

Posted on Jul 1 2013 - 10:35am by Tyler Coleman
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Well, when it is Sydney, there is a lot to explore. It is indeed one of the best places you can visit in Australia. If you have planned to visit it in December, all you need to know is what to wear in Sydney in December, and you are set to enjoy some great time!

What to Wear in Sydney in December

Weather of Sydney in December

December is summertime in Sydney and it is hot with high rainfall. Average daily temperatures don’t go above 26 degrees and fall below 10 degree Celsius. In short, this is the time to hit the beaches and bask in glorious sunshine of Sydney. During the summertime, you can expect an average of 8 hours sunshine per day, but since the sun can be extremely strong, you will need to take good care of your skin. This season also sees heavy showers that are on and off.

What to Wear in Sydney?

Since it is summertime, the answer is obvious – you’ll need loads of summer clothes. You can do well with cotton clothes and shorts and skirts. Here are some suggestions.

Women – It is time to take out the shorts and Capris and tank tops. Nothing longer than that will do in this city during summers. And, finally you wear your much-coveted bikini! You can also pack some pretty skirts and tops with them in cotton. You can also go for khaki if you want to. Also pack a waterproof jacket, as it rains quite often. For formal events, pack a nice and elegant dress that lets you mix up with a good crowd.

Men – Shove the jeans away now and go for cotton trousers or cropped pants along with cotton T-shirts or shirts. For night, pack a formal shirt in cotton or any other fabric that keeps your body cool and trousers. However, some clubs like returning service league clubs or sports clubs have strict dress codes for general entry like no thongs or rubber shoes, jeans or colorless shirts; and for entry in the club’s formal dining room, jacket and tie are required. So, if you intend on visiting some club of such type, make sure you are not underdressed.

Kids – Kids can go for anything like jumpsuits to skirts and shorts. Shorts and skirts are essentials in Sydney during summer time, so there is no way you can skip them. You can pack khaki pants or shorts in khaki along with tops and t-shirts. You can also keep half-sleeve shirts and tops for both.

Footwear – The rule of thumb is to walk if you want to enjoy most of the locations and sights in this city. For that purpose, you will need comfortable shoes that let you walk and don’t kill your feet in the process. Formal occasions would require formal shoes and sandals; heels would also do.

Accessories – A wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen are must-haves in Australia. You can also pack scarves and hats and don’t forget the umbrella!