What to Wear in Sydney in August

Posted on Jul 1 2013 - 10:15am by Tyler Coleman
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August is a great month to visit Sydney, especially if you love an active life and partaking in sports. This is the time The City Surf Run is held and more than thousands of people participate in the event. If sports aren’t your thing, then there is Sydney Design week for you, which is dedicated to celebrating fashion and designs. Forums, tours and exhibitions are held all over the city during this week. No matter what month you choose to visit this city, it will offer you a lot from its famous Opera house to Botanical Gardens. All you need is the knowledge of what to wear in Sydney in August so that you can feel like one from the city.

What to Wear in Sydney in August

Weather of Sydney in August

It is still winter in Sydney in August, so the climate is much cooler than at other times of the year and chances are it might rain, too. The average temperature is about 14 degrees Celsius and you can expect an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day. However, don’t let this cold temperature deter you from going for a swim as the temperature near the sea is quite warm and pleasant. August can be cold, especially during evenings, so it is advisable to carry warm clothes.

What to Wear in Sydney?

Though it is winter, but not the kind of winter where you’ll need fur coat, but it gets pretty chilly during the night. Here are some clothing options.

Women – They say Sydney is a cosmopolitan city, so you’ll have to dress up accordingly, but that doesn’t mean freezing yourself in shorts and tank tops. You can pick nice dresses or sheath dresses for going to upscale places along with a nice coat which is not too thick and warm. You can also stick to jeans and full-sleeve T-shirts layered with shrugs or lightweight jackets for daytime. To survive during night, you’ll need a warm jacket or some woolens, like cardigans or sweaters or anything else that you prefer.

Men – You can go for formal shirts in black or white; and if everything else fails, go for stripes (they always work). Also, pack full trousers or pants to go along with the shirts. You can also keep a T-shirt along with a warm jacket or a blazer. You can also opt for chesterfield coats.

Kids – You can pack skirts with slacks and full-sleeve tops or trousers and shirts along with T-shirts. You can also go for jumpers but remember to pack a warm jacket or a woolen sweater along with them. Cardigans or pullover will also do well.

Footwear – Pack flats or closed-toe shoes like sneakers or their equivalent as you’ll have to do a lot of walking and you would like your attention to be fixed on attractions, not on your cold feet.

Accessories – Umbrellas and trench coats are must-haves in August. Apart from them, you can keep scarves and hats. You can keep gloves, too, but that is not really necessary.