What to Wear in Sydney Australia

Posted on Jul 27 2013 - 12:38pm by Tyler Coleman
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If you are planning a trip to Sydney, the obvious question of what to wear in Sydney, Australia would certainly be haunting you. If that is the case and you are still not able to pack and fretting over everything, do it no more! Just focus on your itinerary and what all you have to do and see in the magnificent city; leaves the packing advice to us!

What to Wear in Sydney Australia

Weather of Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia lies in the southern hemisphere, so the seasons are reversed here, i.e., what is generally a summer in the rest of the world is actually winter here. So, if you wish to escape the scorching heat in your country, head to Sydney during July-August for mild winters. The climate of Sydney is temperate maritime, meaning the summers is hot while winters are mild. Its weather is also affected by its location. Coastal regions are generally cooler and wetter, while the inland suburbs are drier and experience temperature extremes in different weathers.

Summer (December to February) – Summers in Sydney are hot and humid with high rainfall. This is the perfect time to hit the beaches and bask in the warm sun, as temperatures climb to 26 degrees and above.

Autumn (March to May) – Autumn in Sydney brings pleasant temperatures. The beginning is only slightly cooler than the rest of the summer months, but temperatures drop with time. The average daily highs are in the low 20s.

Winter (June to August) – Winters are mild and fairly dry. The temperature doesn’t fall below 19 degrees Celsius, so you can even go for a swim at the beach. However, nights can be quite chilly.

Spring (September to November) – Spring is relatively dry and the weather is next to amazing and pleasant. Daytime highs start above 20s and nights getting warmer, too!

What to Wear and How to Pack for Sydney Australia?

Sydney is a fairly casual city and you can spot people in T-shirts and jeans during most of the season. However, the city dons its party hats during night time and you will find dressed up people if you step out during nights; so, your packing will include both. Here are some tips:

Women – You can spend your summers here in just shorts and tank-tops. Bring along shorts, skirts, and T-shirts or sleeveless blouses and tops. You can go for tunics, too, and pair them up with leggings. If the temperature drops further, you can rely on layers. A light sweater will be your savior in every weather. Even the winters are not too harsh here; so, you need not bring coats. Instead, you can bring classy blazers, vests, and jumpers along with warm slacks. For formal wear, you can rely on a little black dress, hence no need for a long gown.

Men – Vests and Bermuda shorts will be good for summer, which you can also wear with half- sleeve T-shirts. You can also carry full-sleeve cotton and linen shirts and fold them up in case it gets too hot. Take breathable clothes for summers. For slightly colder temperatures, you can pack trousers and pants along with a light sweater or leather jacket. You can go with jeans, shirts, and blazers, too. Most of the clubs here have strict dressing rules which include collared shirts, trousers, and jackets; so make sure you have all three! In case you have some work, too, do carry a tie just to be on the safer side.

Kids – Shorts, skirts, and tube- or tank-tops will be perfect for Sydney’s summers. Come autumn, and you will need jeans and a light jacket, too. Even during the winters you will not need too many warm clothes. Just a woolen sweater or a heavy jacket would be more than enough. So basically, you can pack shorts, T-shirts, jeans, skirts and jumpsuits with light or heavy sweaters for your kids, depending on the weather.

Footwear – Bring comfortable and durable footwear. You can take some sneakers for the city’s top-off walk. Thongs and flip-flops are also acceptable here. Keep your wedges and heels for formal occasions only.

Accessories – A lazy breakfast is a very common practice here, so carry a sarong with you. Also remember to pack sunscreen and a wide-brim hat. Pack an umbrella for rainy days.