What to Wear in Singapore

Posted on Aug 6 2013 - 7:38am by Tyler Coleman

Singapore is a beautiful place with a lot of cultural and regional diversity. So, if you are planning a vacation there, you just need to know what to wear in Singapore and you are sure to blend in.

What to Wear in Singapore

Weather of Singapore

Singapore’s climate is characterized by uniform temperature and pressure, abundant rainfall and high rainfall due to its geographical location and maritime exposure. It has a tropical rainforest climate with almost no or little seasonal variation, which also makes its weather hot and humid with plenty of rainfall. Daily highs are around 30 degrees Celsius, while nighttime lows rarely stray from 23 degree mark. High humidity also makes it a little uncomfortable. The country has mainly witnessed two monsoon seasons.

Pre-Southwest Monsoon Season – From March to May, rainfall is usually limited to heavy early evening showers or thunderstorms. Winds are also not very strong and the end period of this season is considered to be a good time to visit.

Southwest Monsoon Season – From June to September is the southwest monsoon season whose first half is good for tourists due to lesser showers. Strong winds can be encountered during mornings with the likely presence of haze.

Pre-Northeast Monsoon Season – From October to November, you can experience cool sea breezes which temper the afternoon heat often followed by storms in the evenings. The winds also slow down during this period.

Northeast Monsoon Season – Strong winds from the northeast bring the heaviest of rains from December to March. During this time, you can see clear mornings but afternoons are getting a little cloudy and sometimes the rains are relentless, lasting for days. The winds are also not very kind.

Such weather conditions in Singapore are primarily due to its geographical location, which is bang on the equator.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Singapore?

Singapore is a fairly casual place and its hot and humid atmosphere makes up for summer dressing. Here are some suggestions.

Women – Pack clothes that are decent enough. You can go for shorts and mini skirts, but pair them up with half-sleeve cotton shirts or tops. Sloppiness is not encouraged here and dressing a little modestly always helps. As the weather is always hot, you can go for flowing skirts or cotton and linen Capris and sleeveless blouses. Stay away from strappy tops or tube ones in public places. A nice evening dress is always welcome for all formal occasions. You can go for pantsuits or rompers, too. Carry a light jacket as they have strong air-conditioning. Carrying a scarf or Pashmina would be an intelligent choice as it will not just add glam, but will also act as a cover up for bare shoulders in case you need it.

Men – Cotton shirts and shorts and Capris would be good choices for Singapore’s weather. You can go for T-shirts in breathable fabric and pair them up with Capris. Collared and button-down shirts along with suit and tie would be required for most of the formal occasions. You can also go for cotton shirts and linen pants for sightseeing purposes. Carry a casual jacket that goes with pants and jeans alike.

Kids – There is no strict dress code for kids, so you can pack comfortable clothes for them. As it is always hot and humid, try packing light fabrics, such as cotton and linen. You can go for khaki pants and team them up with polo-neck T-shirts or V-neck will also work fine. Sleeveless cotton shirts can be paired with lightweight skirts and shorts. Bermuda shorts will also work well. Just stay away from denims, no matter what the season is. You can also go for windbreaker jackets or simple casual jackets that go well with most of the clothes.

Footwear – Ankle booties that are water-resistant, too, and non-slippery should definitely be packed. For slightly fancier shoes, you can go for heels or wedges and men can go for leather or suede shoes. Sneakers are perfectly acceptable in most parts of the city and at the same time you can opt for flat ballets or espadrilles.

Accessories – Rainwear is must, whether it is a trench or an umbrella. A sunscreen with a high SPF is necessary along with a bag and sunglasses.

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