What to Wear in Singapore in November

Posted on Sep 11 2013 - 3:22am by Tyler Coleman

There is so much to see and do in Singapore that once you are there you will wish the time stops. You can explore wildlife parks through a river safari or enjoy the F1 Grand Prix here. Then there is a Chinatown mid-autumn festival and marine life park. To make the best of your trip, make sure you are appropriately packed and for that you will need to know what to wear in Singapore in November.

What to Wear in Singapore in November

Weather of Singapore in November

Due to its location just north of the equator, Singapore has a tropical climate with little or no climatic variations. This means the island doesn’t enjoy summer or winter seasons like most of us; rather, it has a hot and humid weather throughout the year. Daily highs for Singapore are around 30 degrees while nights see a temperature of about 23 degrees Celsius. It has two monsoon seasons namely – southwest monsoon season and northwest monsoon season. November lies towards the end of pre-northwest monsoon season and is relatively wetter than other months. You can often experience cool sea breezes followed by storms in the evenings.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Singapore in November?

The month of November is not exception to the hot and humid weather of Singapore. You can pack pretty much the same stuff you would pack for summers. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Shorts and skirts are fine but make sure they are at least knee-length as most of the population here is Muslim and you wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. It would be best if you can go for khaki pants or three-fourth trousers along with loose cotton tops or lightweight t-shirts and cotton shirts. The weather can get sticky here even in November, so its better you take breathable clothes only. Do carry a cardigan and a scarf as buildings here have freezing cold air-conditioning.

Men – You can dress casually here in polo-neck t-shirts and Bermuda shorts or you can also go for chinos as they look semi-formal, too. If you want to opt for trousers, go for cotton and linen only. Jeans would be too heavy here, so it’s for the best if you leave them at home. Full-sleeve cotton shirts can be packed with dark-colored trousers. Also carry a light jacket to protect yourself from the extensively cold air-conditioners here.

Kids – Shorts and skirts along with loose tunics and cotton tops and shirts would be perfect for girls. Boys can go for t-shirts or cotton-shirts paired with shorts or trousers. Don’t forget to pack a cardigan or a light jacket that can be layered with their clothes.

Footwear – Most of your sightseeing would be on foot and that means you will have to walk a lot. So, pack comfortable shoes like ballet flats or sandals. You can go for trainers and sneakers too. For special events you can pack a nice pair of heels and formal shoes.

Accessories – A pashmina, a scarf or any other kind of wrap must be carried by ladies, as it will help you cover up as and when required. Apart from that, you can pack chic pair of sunglasses and a nice tote.

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