What to Wear in Singapore in January

Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 4:34am by Tyler Coleman

No matter when you visit, Singapore will always be the same. Just the amount of rainfall differs here. The only downfall of visiting Singapore in January is the high humidity, else it is all well. To avoid any discomfort, you must pack light and for that you need to know what to wear in Singapore in January.

What to Wear in Singapore in January

Weather of Singapore in January

The weather of Singapore is same throughout the year with almost no seasonal variations. It is always hot and humid and the skies are consistently pouring.  The only seasonal variation that Singapore has is in terms of monsoons – southwest monsoon season and northeast monsoons season. January lies during northeast monsoon season. This season is characterized by heavy rains and presence of strong winds from the northeast. Mornings can be clear sometimes but hazy conditions generally prevail. The average daytime high is 30 degrees Celsius while the average low is 22 degrees Celsius. Sunshine can be expected up to 6 hours per day. The rains are relentless and sometimes it rains for weeks, without a break. Humidity is at its worst during January and the winds get stronger, too.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Singapore in January?

Singapore’s dress code is pretty casual all year round but it does have strict dress rules and for your own sake you must follow them. Here are some suggestions:

Women – When it comes to dressing rules, the pressure is more on women. Most of the population of Singapore is Muslim so you might have to stay covered up most of the times. The weather here only permits you to pack lightweight clothes in cotton and linen. Avoid jeans or any other sort of heavy fabric as it is very humid during this time of the year. Pack cotton shirts and capris along with a pashmina and a warm jacket as the buildings have strong air-conditioners inside.

Men – Shorts on middle-aged men look a little odd but nobody will pay a second glance to that so it is totally up to you. Though it is better to stick to cotton shirts and linen trousers while you are here, collared t-shirts and khaki trousers can also be packed. Religious places will require you to be covered up so make sure you have a pair of full-length pants or trousers along with a full-sleeved shirt. A warm jacket might be required inside buildings.

Kids – Kids can go for shorts and t-shirts or capris along with half-sleeved tops. Remember to pack only lightweight clothes in natural fabrics such as cotton and linen. Cotton skirts and Bermuda shorts will be best for this weather.

Footwear – Comfy shoes will definitely be required. You can go for flip-flops if you are just out on strolls. Different activities will require different kind of shoes so pack accordingly.

Accessories – Don’t forget a pashmina as it will help you cover up at certain places and will be handy inside cold buildings. Also pack a good sunscreen and sunglasses.

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