What to Wear in Singapore in February

Posted on Dec 16 2013 - 11:55am by Tyler Coleman
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Singapore is a large city-state that is located underneath Indonesia and Malaysia. This city-state is known for its hot, wet climate and features plenty of rainforest in the surrounding area. Many visitors come to Singapore to visit these rainforest and interact with the locals. Unlike many other countries, Singapore is actually beginning to warm up during the month of February. With an average high of almost 31°C and lows of about 23°C. The rainforest climate helps the temperature remain pretty cool, yet warm.

What to Wear in Singapore in February

Weather of Singapore in February

Since Singapore is a warm, but wet climate it is important to bring a certain set of clothing options on a trip there. The best options are to bring two types of clothes: warm, protective clothing and casual clothing. When traveling to Singapore you may decide to do some sight seeing in the local towns or in the rainforest. Keeping this in mind, you should not be afraid to overpack clothing options and bring plenty of accessories. Below are some great options of clothes to bring to a trip to Singapore:

What to Wear and How to Pack for Singapore in February?

Women: Women will want to bring shorts and cargo pants to help them deal with the warm, but wet climate of Singapore. Though bringing some pants is not a bad options, denim pants will not be appropriate for this trip. Denim jeans will become very uncomfortable in the sticky warm climate of Singapore. Another great option to go with is a casual comfortable t-shirt or top. If you want to wear a cardigan, it is best to wear it open with a T-shirt underneath it. Finally a nice sweater can be worn during the evenings, when the weather drops to around 70.

Men: For men it is important that you bring casual, comfortable clothing to Singapore(Sorry fellas no suits and ties on this trip). For fellas the a nice cotton T-shirt should do the trick for afternoon excursions around the city. You should also bring shorts and loose fitting jeans(no skinnies). These jeans should give your legs room to breathe as the warm, wet climate can cause you to sweat a lot. During the day time, temperatures can reach 90 degrees so a tank top is another great option for men. During the night time, men can wear a simple button down shirt, cardigan or sweater with jeans.

Kids: For children visiting Singapore during the month of February it is important to bring light clothes. Heavy wools should be avoided at all cost! The best option for both boys and girls, are shorts. Shorts will help keep their legs cool while visiting Singapore. Also, a nice T-shirt works well during the day time. Also, during the night time it is possible to get away with wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt.

Footwear: Since Singapore is a generally warm climate, it is important that you pack good comfortable shoes for your trip. If you are visiting Singapore it can be assumed that you will be doing a lot of walking and sightseeing. For this trip it is suggested that you bring some comfortable trainers or tennis shoes to walk in. Sandals are a great option as well, both open and closed toed. For the evening women can wear heels and the men can wear nice dress shoes if you desire.

Accessories: The best accessory to bring to Singapore is a hat. A nice hat can help keep you cool during the day time, as the temperature can reach 90 degrees.