What to Wear in Shanghai

Posted on Aug 14 2013 - 10:51am by Tyler Coleman
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Shanghai isn’t just any other city; it is a vigorous and energetic metropolis that welcomes people from all over the world. The modern city offers a dose of rich heritage of ancient Chinese culture which will leave visitors spellbound. It is also home to the Nanjing Road which is ‘No. 1 Commercial Street in China’. So, it is not just culture and heritage you can see, you can also shop to your heart’s content. The only thing you should be concerned about is packing and weather. Knowing what to wear in Shanghai will help you in packing better for the city.

What to Wear in Shanghai

Weather of Shanghai

The weather of Shanghai is usually moist and mild with four distinct seasons. It witnesses a pleasant warm spring, a hot but rainy summer, an overcast cool winter, and a comfortably cool autumn. Its location at the estuary of Yangtze River makes its weather wet for at least one-third of a year.

Summer – With high temperature and abundant rainfall, summer can be sweltering from June to September. July and August are the hottest months where temperature rises above 35 degrees C. From mid-August to September, typhoons bring a lot of rainfall.

Autumn – The city witnesses autumn season in October and November. The temperate weather during this season makes it a good time to travel. It rains a lot in autumn except during late November.

Winter – From December to February, the city experiences winter, with end-January and February being the coldest months. However, extreme cold only lasts a few days and it seldom snows here. The wind is not as cold as in northern cities but is cold and humid.

Spring – Spring in shanghai is from March to May. The city has comfortable temperatures in 20s and the lovely spring flowers bloom, making the city livelier and attractive. Light rains can be expected.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Shanghai?

The city boils in summer and freezes cold in winters. So, what you pack depends mainly on the weather. If you are a fashion-conscious person, you must know that Shanghai is like a fashion model with glamorous catwalk days to sweaty days. You can easily spot some ladies in high heels and Hermes bags and some in t-shirts and knee-length shorts! Here are some clothing suggestions:

Women – Summers will require tube- and tank-tops and lots of cotton skirts! Keep the jeans and full-sleeve blouses for autumns and spring season along with a light sweater. Winters could be freezing here, so pack a lot of woolens and fleece; a warm overcoat, too! For evenings, keep a little black dress along with some bling heels.

Men – Polo-neck t-shirts along with Bermuda shorts or chinos and half-sleeve shirts will do for summers. But, make sure to pack cotton and linen fabrics or you will be sweating like crazy. For spring and autumn season, you will need full-sleeve shirts along with trousers or jeans and a smart casual jacket or a sweater. Winters will need heavy sweaters or an overcoat. You can layer your clothes for added comfort. A well-cut blazer will also be required.

Kids – The shorter the better in summers! Pack skirts and shorts along with t-shirts and sleeveless tops. Pack jeans and leggings for spring and autumn layered with a jacket or a light sweater. Winters will require warm inners and full-sleeve shirts along with woolen slacks or jeans that can be worn with heavy jacket and sweaters.

Footwear – The streets can be cobbly and uneven and heels will kill your feet for this kind of torture. It is best to go for flats or shoes with a good grip. Loafers and espadrilles are both suggested. You can go for sneakers, too. Keep the heels for clubs and dining only. Flip-flops can also be packed, but ballet flats will be best suited with most of the dresses and weather. Ankle booties can be packed for winter season.

Accessories – Rains here catch you by surprise, so it is best to go for raincoats or umbrellas. Sunscreen and trendy sunglasses will definitely be required along with nice hats. You could go for fedora or wide-brim ones. Carry a nice bag, too, which is not just fashion savvy but can carry your stuff, too.