What to Wear in Shanghai in October

Posted on Sep 28 2013 - 3:40am by Tyler Coleman

If you are planning to visit Shanghai in October but confused about what to pack, take a look at what to wear in Shanghai in October and decide for yourself!

What to Wear in Shanghai in October

Weather of Shanghai in October

The weather of Shanghai is distinctly marked with four main seasons – a pleasantly warm spring, hot & rainy summer, cool autumn, and cold overcast winter. October is an autumn and it just starts to get into the autumn swing, which means you will be having cool and comfortable weather – just what you need for a good vacation. The average daily daytime temperature is 22 degrees Celsius which drops a little during later part of the day.

What to Wear and How to pack for Shanghai in October?

You don’t have to fret much about packing to Shanghai as everything works here from casual to formal and the weather is pleasant enough to let you wear your favorite pieces. Here are some suggestions:

Women – You will need longer clothes if you are going to stay out late as the temperature drops after sunset. Jeans work perfectly with October weather and you can pair them up with loose shirts or full-sleeve blouses and shirts. You can go for knee-length shorts and t-shirts, too. Tank-tops are best worn with a full-sleeve shirt or shrug as the weather gets colder on certain days. You can go for rompers and team them with blazers in the evening. As temperature drops a little after sunset, remember to take a light jacket or a cardigan.

Men – You can opt for jeans and shirts or t-shirts. The weather is perfect for trousers and jeans, but you can also go for Bermuda shorts and team them up with full-sleeve shirts to create a smart casual look. Chinos and polo-neck t-shirts are also good options for the same. For slightly formal purposes, you can opt for collared button-down shirts along with trousers and tie if you wish. However, a blazer would be required or you can go for a sports jacket.

Kids – Boys can go for Bermuda shorts and t-shirts or jeans. They will be best comfortable in shorts and t-shirts, so you can pack accordingly. Trousers and shirts can also be packed along with light jackets. Girls can go for skirts, capris and t-shirts and pair them with warm tunics and full-sleeve shirts. Skirts and shorts can be worn with leggings and tunics. Light jackets and cardigans should also be packed.

Footwear – Most of the time you will be walking, so don’t forget to pack comfy shoes. You can go for ballet flats or gladiators. If you prefer shoes, opt for sneakers or trainers; they will be best for October weather. For a little trendier look, you can go for platforms or wedged heels, and men can opt for oxford shoes.

Accessories – A good sunscreen, chic pair of sunglasses and a nice handbag are sure to be packed. You can also go for wide hats or a fedora maybe!

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