What to Wear in Shanghai in November

Posted on Sep 28 2013 - 3:45am by Tyler Coleman

November is a lovely month to visit the city of Shanghai in China, as not only the weather is pleasant, but winter starts to set in the city. The October holidays and fare hikes are long over and you will encounter fewer crowds, so come prepared with proper packing so you face no problems here. To know more about what to wear in Shanghai in November, read on.

What to Wear in Shanghai in November

Weather of Shanghai in November

The autumn of late October gives way to cold winter days in November and the weather becomes even colder. Rains also start to decrease as fog appears in the morning. On such foggy days, the weather gets even cooler and visibility is also low. Sometimes, the city is hit with a cold snap, dropping the temperature to a new low. The average highs and lows of temperature are 17 and 9 degrees Celsius, respectively. Rainfall also decreases to only 8 days in a month on an average.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Shanghai in November?

November sees the advent of winters in Shanghai, so you will need to stock on warm clothes. Here are some suggestions:

Women – For daytime, you can go for full-sleeve shirts and jeans along with a light jacket or a cardigan. You can also opt for warm trousers and blouses layered with warm shrugs or jackets. A long-sleeve flannel, jeans and a leather jacket are perfect for a day out in Shanghai. You can also add a scarf to the look. For nighttime, you can go for a wool dress, leggings, scarves and warm tunics. You can also go for woolen or warm jumper and wear it with a blazer. Warm slacks and tunics can also be considered.

Men – Jeans and t-shirts are perfect for daytime and can be layered with a light sweater or a leather jacket. You can also go for warm trousers and long-sleeved shirts and layer your look with a sweater. Chinos and t-shirts can also be worn with sports jacket or blazers. For evenings, you will need something heavier like warm shirts and trousers and blazers or leather jackets.

Kids – Pack clothes in layers for your kids and try packing more of warmer clothes like sweaters and jackets. T-shirts and shirts can be worn underneath jackets and shrugs. Girls can go for warm slacks and loose tunics and wear jackets or shrugs over them. Boys can go for jeans or trousers along with shirts and t-shirts and wear jackets or sweaters over them.

Footwear – Comfortable footwear is must-have for a nice trip, so pack comfy shoes like trainers or sneakers. As the weather is little cold, opt for closed-toe shoes like trainers or boots. You can go for ankle booties, too!

Accessories – The wind is drier during this time of the year, so pack skin-nourishing creams and a sunscreen, too. You will also need a pair of sunglasses and a nice bag, like a backpack or a messenger. Caps and hats can also be packed.

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