What to Wear in Shanghai in January

Posted on Dec 16 2013 - 11:49am by Tyler Coleman
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The city of Shanghai is the largest populated city in China and in the world! It is located next to the Pacific Ocean, making it a great place to visit for seafood and water activities. January by far is the coldest time in Shanghai, with an average of high of 8C. The average lows of Shanghai in January are about 1C. Seeing as this city is so close to the ocean, it can get extremely cold during the first few months of the year. Also, during this time of the year you may experience some rainfall.

What to Wear in Shanghai in January

Weather of Shanghai in January

Shanghai is a large metropolis of China, but during this time you are advised to pack warm clothing. The chilling colds of Shanghai can be extremely unbearable if you are not well prepared. This is definitely not the time to pack those sandals and tube top. Here are the best clothing choices:

What to Wear and How to Pack for Shanghai in January?

Women: This is time for women to bring out those sweaters and heavy overcoats. You want to opt for warm clothing including: long sleeve thermals, cardigans and a nice jacket. If you are planning on going out at night, you should bring along with you a shawl, scarf or turtleneck to brace for the cold. For the day time a nice light jacket or windbreaker can be worn, but may not be needed. A small umbrella may be appropriate for women as you may experience a small drizzle of rain during this season.

Men: Though January is not the heavy rainy season in January, it is still advised that men bring a jacket with a hood. Hoodies should be thick and water resistant, so that you can stay warm and dry in case of the rain. Men should opt for denim pants as they seem to keep men warmer during the colder seasons. A pea coat is another great option for men to wear during January in Shanghai. As a rule of thumb if there is a cloud in the sky, wear a coat with your suit and tie.

Kids: Kids should definitely dress warm during this time. A great option for children(both boys and girls) is a nice beanie or tunda hat. A tundra hat comes with two flaps to keep the ears warm during the colder seasons. Children should wear pants at all times(Sorry, moms no cute dresses for your daughters). Thermal pants and thermal shirt are great for young children as they can be worn comfortably under other clothes. Another necessity for children is a heavy coat to keep them warm during the Shanghai nights.

Footwear: Bringing the right shoes is a definite necessity. The best shoes to wear during this season are shoes that are both comfortable as well as warm. For women that want to wear heels it is advised that you leave the open toed heels at home. For men a nice pair of trainers or loafers works great. For both men and women a nice pair of boots will help keep your feet warm and dry. For children it is a good idea that they dress similar to their parents. Some nice boots or some loafers during the day or night time.

Accessories: There are some great accessories to bring with you to Shanghai in January. The first and most important are some great pairs of gloves. Cold, freezing hands can be a nightmare, and make a trip almost unbearable. A nice umbrella also comes in handy, as Shanghai experience about one inch of rain in January. Finally for the women and young girls a warm pair of leggings is crucial to staying warm.