What to Wear in Shanghai in December

Posted on Sep 28 2013 - 3:49am by Tyler Coleman

You might be all set to visit Shanghai in December, but let’s face it – weather-wise, winter isn’t an exactly a great time to visit the city. It is cheek-freezing and nose-numbing out there, especially during later part of December. But since you are all set, let’s get you set for packing too! Take a look at what to wear in Shanghai in December, so that you don’t freeze out there and can enjoy your vacation and Christmas in the city as you would do at home, or maybe better!

What to Wear in Shanghai in December

Weather of Shanghai in December

The weather is rainy, windy and cloudy for most part of the December in Shanghai. As winter starts to grip the city, the nights start to freeze at times. However, it seldom snows and Shanghai isn’t as cold as most of northern cities of China, but due to strong winds and dampness, the temperature drops down to freezing, at times. The average temperature high is 11 degrees Celsius while average low drops down to only 2 degrees Celsius.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Shanghai in December?

Winters are pretty cold in Shanghai, and without proper clothes and protection, you are sure to freeze here. Here are some suggestions for packing:

Women – No matter what you wear outside, make sure you wear warm clothes inside. Don’t forget to pack thermals to wear underneath your clothes. For December weather, you can go for warm shirts and blouses and wear them with warm leggings or denims and then cover up with a thick coat. You can go for warm woolen sweaters, too, but it is best to go for thick and padded coats which can be worn over light jackets; this way you can remove the coat whenever you enter a warm building.

Men – Jeans and t-shirts, but of course, with woolen or fleece sweaters. You can also opt for warm trousers and collared shirts and wear them underneath a chesterfield jacket or a blazer and complete the formal look with a tie. Padded and thick coats will definitely be required, so do pack one.

Kids – Keep the weather in mind before you pack for your kids and remember to pack a lot of woolens and fleece. Skirts and warm slacks can be worn with full-sleeve t-shirts or blouses and jackets or cardigans. Kids can also go for jeans and leather jackets or sweaters. Woolen tunics and leggings are also good options can be worn with sweaters and coats.

Footwear – Opt for closed-toe and comfy shoes, like sneakers and trainers. You can go for boots or ankle booties, too, and keeping the weather in mind, woolen socks can also be worn.

Accessories – The best way to escape cold is to stay warm on the inside, so do pack thermals and then scarves for style and keeping warm. Don’t forget sunscreen and sunglasses and a trendy bag. Ladies can go for a tote while men can opt for a messenger bag. Woolen gloves, socks and scarves will also be required.

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