What to Wear in Seattle in January

Posted on Jan 13 2014 - 7:21am by Tyler Coleman

For anyone considering visiting Seattle in January, should consider the temperature and climate of this area in January. Seattle is known for its incredibly rainy weather, that seems to go on endlessly. Although rainfall is quite common here, the city of Seattle does provide a lot of attractions for tourists and visitors. While visiting Seattle you can see the plethora of beautiful buildings and architecture that this city has to offer you. Before getting your ticket and boarding the airplane, it is important to make sure that you pack properly for this trip.

What to Wear in Seattle in January

Weather of Seattle in January

When packing your suitcase and other pieces of luggage it’s important to bring a few necessities along. The climate in Seattle is known as a oceanic type consisting of: cold and incredibly wet winters, followed by dry summers. Since Seattle borders the Pacific Ocean, it is important to pack for the cold weather that you will experience while visiting Seattle. The air coming from the ocean is incredibly cool and sometimes extremely windy. Seattle has an average high of about 8 degrees Celsius and a low of about 2 degrees Celsius, you can expect to face cold during January.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Seattle in January?

Women Wear: Seattle in January

Women should thoroughly pack for their trip to Seattle in January. The best option for them to bring is a leather or woolen jacket for both the day as well as the nighttime. Though the temperature only drops slightly during the night, it is important to stay bundled up all day. The focus of your wardrobe should be layers! Layers meaning that you have on more than two types of clothes on. For example a woman can wear a nice long sleeve plain t shirt, underneath a cardigan, which can be worn underneath a nice overcoat. Dressing in layers is key to dealing with the cold of Seattle in January.

Men Wear: Seattle in January

Men should focus upon layers as well. Men should bring along a lot of dark denim pants and jeans that will help attract heat. Along with their jeans a nice overcoat or leather jacket is a must during the day and nighttime. A trenchcoat is another great option for dressing during the nighttime, especially if you plan on going out. Men should stay away from V necks or anything that shows off too much skin(short sleeve shirts and tanks tops), during this trip.

Kids: Seattle in January

Kids should definitely wear layers and be bundled up during this visit to Seattle. Seattle’s winds and rains can occur at anytime and you want your children to be prepared. Kids should bring sweatpants and sweatshirts with hoods on them. Also, thermal undergarments make a great options for them to wear under regular clothing. Young boys can wear dress shirts and chinos during the day with a heavy jackets. Young girls can wear denim or jean pants, with long sleeves and a heavy jacket. This will help the kids stay warm and protected from the rainfall.

Footwear: Seattle in January

The proper footwear is very crucial on a trip to Seattle in January. You should definitely pack a few, nice pair of water resistant boots for the entire family. These boots are optimal for both day as well as night travel in Seattle. They will help keep your feet warm and dry. Women should avoid sandals and open toed heels.

Accessories: Seattle in January

The best accessories to bring with you on a trip to Seattle would be a scarf, gloves and earmuffs for the entire family.


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