What to Wear in San Francisco in Winter

Posted on Jun 28 2013 - 12:06pm by Tyler Coleman

The city of San Francisco is located in California and is heaven of tourists all year round. The city is thronged by a number of tourists all through the year due to its excellent and mild weather conditions, and of course the beautiful sights the city is home to, such as the majestic golden bridge and the very exciting cable cars and the breathtaking drive through half moon bay. It is a fun and exciting city surrounded by water on three sides. To enjoy your stay in the city, you will have to become a part of it and one thing to do that is to dress up like the locals. The question is what to wear in San Francisco in winters?

What to Wear in San Francisco in Winter

Weather of San Francisco in Winters

Since it is wintertime, it is quite obvious that it is going to be cold. Though the weather here doesn’t vary to extreme cold or hot limits, it is in fact very unpredictable. Winters usually start from December and end by January end. Though you’ll need sweaters all year round in SF, the amount of layering and their weight varies. It is usually 40s to 60s in winters in the city with winds blowing off from Pacific coast.

What to Wear in San Francisco?

Since the weather changes with places, all you can do is be prepared for it. Some places are really chilly while some can have sunny areas, too. Though it is warm, but not warm enough for shorts; and it gets cold during the night, but not cold like east coast. In short, the weather is quite mild, just a little unpredictable. Here are some suggestions for clothes and other stuff.

Women – You probably won’t be wearing shorts here so leave them at home. Jeans and slacks are good options. You can also pack a woolen coat to endure cooler nights and evenings. A cashmere cardigan and a few light and medium weight sweaters will be enough. You can also pack some hoodies and a trench coat. Unless you are going somewhere up market, you can rely on casuals only. Else, pack a nice dress and trench along with a scarf.

Men – Full-sleeved shirts and trousers and pants will do the trick against winters. You can also add layers of light and medium weight sweaters and some woolens for the night or to go from one part of the city to another.

Kids – Pack your kids in layers of clothes such as t-shirts and jeans for boys and then cover them with a light weight sweater or a jacket. If you are going to stay out late, you can also add woolens over it or carry them along with you so that you can add them as and when required.

Footwear – Though it is chilly, but not chilly enough to snow, so you can leave your snowboots at home. Try something comfortable that lets you walk around with ease, like closed-toe shoes such as sneakers. It is best to avoid flip-flops during winters. You can rely on casual shoes for sightseeing, but if you are planning on visiting an upmarket nightclub or restaurant, it is best to carry some formal shoes or boots along.

Accessories – A wide-brimmed hat to protect you from sun and a sun tan lotion are of course important. Sunglasses and scarves will keep you company in winters; and a nice tote to complete the look.

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