What to Wear in San Francisco in September

Posted on Jun 25 2013 - 11:57am by Tyler Coleman

The city and county of San Francisco is the major financial and cultural center of Northern California. This is the only consolidated city area in Northern California. The city is well renowned for its cool summer fog, steep rolling hills, landmarks such as golden bridge and a lot of other stuff, which makes it 6th most-visited city in the U.S.A. If you are planning to visit the city in September, its better you decide what to wear in San Francisco in September. Take a look at weather first, so you have a better judgment.

What to Wear in San Francisco in September

Weather During September

The best time to visit San Francisco is during September, October, and early November. Though the weather is difficult to predict as it changes every day, but this is the time of fall and most preferred by visitors. Days are warm and sunny and nights are mildly cold. With a rare chance of rainfall, you might feel a little chill in the air.

Clothes to Wear during September

A simple rule – if you do not wish to appear as a tourist, wear what people from that area wear.

Clothes for Women – You might want to leave the shorts at home. Wearing layers is the evergreen rule here. You can stick to your jeans as the weather would allow it. If too daring, you can also indulge in a mini-skirt, but make sure you carry a heavy jacket with it. Light sweaters, long-sleeved shirts will all do good.

Men – Men can go with the denim. You can also stick to your trousers, but do not forget to carry a light jacket, in case it rains. As the weather in San Francisco is a little unpredictable, you got to be ready for everything, actually.

Kids – Kids can wear anything, but should be kept in layers, preferably. The choice with kids is unlimited, though. Make sure the kids are given skin-friendly fabrics!

Footwear – Reiterating it, wearing flip-flops can be considered a way too casual. You would love to wear closed-toe shoes as these are typical of San Francisco wardrobe. You might also want to try sandals or gladiators as these will make you feel more comfortable.

Accessories – They are very casual people as they stick to their sweats and jeans. You don’t need to accessorize much during daytime; however, the nights might be little cold, so avoid carrying any short or light dress. The golden rule is dress enough, but not too much. Remember carrying an umbrella as San Francisco is known for sudden showers. Carrying a sunscreen lotion along with a wide-brim hat is also suggested.

Other Things to Carry

Apart from the ones already listed above, make sure you are dressed like locals. Local stores can also help you a great deal in choosing some of the accessories and make-you-feel-at-home clothing. You’ll easily be able to embrace the city as it welcomes everyone with open arms!

Enjoy your journey to San Francisco and other nearby areas!

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