What to Wear in San Francisco in October

Posted on Jun 25 2013 - 11:50am by Tyler Coleman

The city of San Francisco lies in Northern California and is surrounded by water on all sides. The beautiful golden bridge, the drive through half moon bay, cable cars – what’s not to love in this city? Locals suggest if you are driving, do make a trip through the half moon bay area and you will love the orange pumpkins there. Besides, if you are planning a vacation here, do it in the month of October. Then comes the question of packing; what to wear in San Francisco in October? The question can be easily answered given you know the weather here, which is pleasant! But the weather is unpredictable, too, so you will need to apprise yourself with its status on a regular basis to avoid any inconvenience later.

What to Wear in San Francisco in October

Weather During October in San Francisco

The best time to visit San Francisco is during September, October, and early November. The people here claim the weather here is very inscrutable yet October is one of the best months here – the time of the fall with bright sunny days and slightly cold nights and occasional drizzles. You are so going to love it here! Every day is different because the weather is so different every time you step out.

Clothes to Wear During October

Rule no. 1 of packing is to be prepared for weather. Sometimes it can make you wear short sleeves, other times you’ll have to fend for a jacket.

Clothes for Women – Since the weather is cold, you might want to leave the shorts at home. Wearing layers is the evergreen rule here. You can stick to your jeans as the weather would allow it. Layers are the preferred choice here. Jeans, sweaters, and jackets will do well enough.

Men – Don’t freeze to death! Dump the shorts at home and stick to jeans and trousers. Full-sleeve shirts with sweaters and lightweight jackets should accompany you.

Kids – Pack your kids in jeans and sweaters. You have plenty to choose from, just make sure your kids don’t freeze or don’t sweat too much.

Footwear – Wearing flip-flops is way too casual. Closed-toe shoes are typical of San Francisco wardrobe. You might want to give them a try or can go for sandals or gladiators.

Accessories – They are very casual people as they stick to their sweats and jeans. So you don’t need to accessorize much during daytime. The nights might be little cold, so don’t carry a short dress. The rule is dress much, but not too much. Though rains are occasional, you can still carry an umbrella, a sunscreen lotion and a wide-brimmed hat.

Other things to Carry

Apart from the ones already listed above, make sure you are dressed the way they are and in accordance with the weather. You can also hit local stores to get a taste of local San Francisco. To really enjoy your stay in San Francisco, you will have to embrace the city as it is, which isn’t too difficult to do.

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