What to Wear in San Francisco in July

Posted on Jul 25 2013 - 3:53am by Tyler Coleman

You will find it hard to believe but July is not exactly summertime in San Francisco. Once you are there, you will be greeted with cold and dense fog instead of warm sunshine. But, that is not really a concern if you are in for some fun. July is the time for Stern Grove Festival in San Francisco. And, in case you feel cold here, do try the real San Francisco treats here. Irish coffee is still very popular here. You can even catch a game of major league baseball, too! SF boasts of one of the prettiest stadiums around that you could see for yourself. Do not worry if you miss out on a little sunshine, SF has a lot to offer. Pack your bags by knowing what to wear in San Francisco in July so that you are not in for a weather surprise.

What to Wear in San Francisco in July

Weather of San Francisco in July

The weather in San Francisco is as changeable as the seas it is surrounded by. Its weather is quite hard to predict and it never stays the same at one point. Out of all four major seasons, none turns out as expected.

July in San Francisco is quite opposed to your notion of summers. You would be expecting warm and sunny days but don’t be surprised if you are greeted by fog. On an average, you will encounter less sunny days in the summers than in spring or any other weather. The fog is dense and wet and the accompanying winds make it feel even cooler. So, in short, San Francisco’s summers are marked by billowing white fog and wind and central valley heat which make the weather overcast and cool.

What to Wear and How to Pack for San Francisco in July?

If you want to give yourself away as a tourist, wear shorts, a tank top, tennis shoes and a jacket purchased from a stand at the Wharf. If not, here are some suggestions for you:

Women – People here dress a little conservatively and all the short and revealing dresses are saved for the beaches only. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you will have to miss out on your trendy dresses. You can still bring your summer outfits, but make sure you layer them properly. A light cardigan or a sweater can be thrown over a light and airy top. This would help you play it safe with the weather. Sundresses are definitely a yes! For sightseeing in the city, you can go for jeans or Capris. A romper or a jumpsuit would be perfect for SF weather; just make sure it is warm enough. In the evening time, you can just wear a nice blazer over it. You can also go for a pair of bold and printed bottoms and team them up with an earthy tone blouse. Avoid fur and heavy coats in SF.

Men – As mentioned, keep the shorts and vests only for beaches. Keep a nice and fitting pair of jeans for sightseeing. You can also go for Bermuda shorts paired with T-shirts. For a restaurant-ready look, pack collared and button-down shirts with semi-formal pants. You can also go for cargoes in neutral shades. Also remember to pack a nice leather jacket for the cool evening breeze and a sweater or a blazer. You can also go for breathable sweaters layered over T-shirts and shirts.

Kids – Layering should be made for kids, too! You can pack jumpsuits for them. Warm rompers worn underneath jackets and sweaters would be fine as jackets can be removed when the sun comes out. Also pack light and heavy sweaters and jeans, T-shirts and shirts.

Footwear – Instead of open-toe espadrilles, you can go for closed-toe ones. They will also keep your feet safe from the cold and fog. Trekking shoes are must in SF as sandals and sneakers will not let you climb mountains. For clubbing and restaurant purposes, you can pack nice leather shoes and cutout booties.

Accessories – Apart from the usual beachwear, you can pack a baseball hat. Sunscreen and sunglasses would be required. For trekking purposes, use a messenger bag instead of a tote. You can pack trendy scarves, too!

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