What to Wear in San Francisco in January

Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 4:23am by Tyler Coleman

Even though January is known to be the coldest and wettest month of San Francisco, you will not have any problems in the city provided you pack waterproof gear. The city is known for its hip party lifestyle and no matter what weather, you can always be a part of it. Apart from New Year’s Day, you can indulge in other activities or enjoy other festivities in the city. To make sure rain and precipitation doesn’t play a party pooper, you must be packed aptly and that would come from the knowledge what to wear in San Francisco in January.

What to Wear in San Francisco in January

Weather of San Francisco in January

The Californian weather isn’t much distinguished except for the presence of rains, but January is the wettest month of the year in San Francisco and the coolest too. Precipitation often comes in the form of storms and it is not an unusual phenomenon to witness entire month’s rainfall in a day or two. Sometimes the rain turns to snow at Lake Tahoe and Yosemite when the winter storms push eastwards. After the rain, clear skies can be seen. The average temperature highs are 13 degrees Celsius while average lows are 7 degrees Celsius.

What to Wear and How to Pack for San Francisco in January?

If the weather is any kinder, you can have sunny days but evenings will still be chilly and cold. However, most of the days it just rains in the city and you must pack waterproof gear. Here are some suggestions:

Women – The best way would be to go for insulation and layering so start with thermals first and then move on to warm shirts and t-shirts along with warm leggings or slacks or jeans. Pack lightweight sweaters that can be worn with heavy jackets and coats. Heavy cardigans and jackets will also do. A thick padded overcoat will definitely be needed or you could make it trench too.

Men – The trick of layering and insulating works for you too. So pack thermals and warm-shirts or polo neck shirts with chinos. The more you can layer, the better your chances will be of stepping out in the rain. Go for lightweight sweaters or jackets that can be layered with warmer and heavier sweaters and jackets. And then finally wear an overcoat. Go for a knee-length overcoat and one with thick padding inside. Thick blazers and jackets can also be packed.

Kids – Thermals are unavoidable especially during January. You can pack warm shirts and blouses along with slacks and jeans layered with sweaters. Pack lots of fleece and woolen sweaters and jackets. Overcoats can also be packed for kids.

Footwear – For sunny days sneakers and trainers can work but as they are so few you should rather stick to boots. You can go for knee-length and ankle boots or Uggs if it is raining outside. If you plan to go hiking or some similar stuff then pack comfy shoes with woolen socks.

Accessories – Do pack a woolen or cashmere scarf to go with your outfits. Also carry an oversized bag and a chic pair of sunglasses.

P.S. – Referring to San Francisco as “San Fran” or “Frisco” is passé and so NOT cool! Stick to SF or ‘the city’.

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