What to Wear in San Francisco in February

Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 4:30am by Tyler Coleman

San Francisco, the “cool, grey city of love” maybe not be all sunny during February, but it sure is a great place to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Apart from the air of love, the city is also full of lots of festivals, street parades, fairs and sporting events. The nightlife of the city is also well-known, so once you are here make sure you do take advantage of the most exotic parties in the city. The Chinese New Year is also around the corner and there is a huge celebration in Chinatown. The Golden Dragon Parade isn’t to be missed at any cost. To have fun while you are here, make sure you are packed properly and for that you must know what to wear in San Francisco in February.

What to Wear in San Francisco in February

Weather of San Francisco in February

February is generally wet and dry in San Francisco. The rainy season can continue during this month but at other times, it is fairly dry. An average of 11 days’ rainfall can be expected during this month and sometimes the entire precipitation occurs during a single day. The average amount of sunshine is 7 hours per day with average temperature highs of 15 degrees Celsius which can drop down to lows of 8 degrees Celsius. The seasonal trees and flowers are at their full bloom during this month.

What to Wear and How to Pack for San Francisco in February?

The weather is milder than January but too warm for snow and too cold for shorts. The different areas in the city also have their micro-climates, so you will need serious consideration of fashion and weather while packing. Here are some suggestions:

Women – It is wise to leave the heaviest of your snow coats at home but we would still advise you to bring a warm, padded overcoat and given the erratic rains here it is better if you go for a trench. Layers are totally the key to dressing up in the city. You can go for jeans and warm slacks along with hoodies, sweaters and jackets. A warm t-shirt or blouse can be worn underneath the layers of jackets and sweaters.

Men – Unless you are out for business purpose, you can survive in a pair of jeans and khakis. Layers will definitely work. You can go for warm trousers and collared shirts along with a thick blazer or a jacket. T-shirts, jeans and leather jackets also work well. A warm overcoat or a trench coat will also be required.

Kids – Pack warm and wooly clothes for kids. You can go for t-shirts and tops along with warm slacks or jeans. Also pack layers of sweaters, jackets and coats.

Footwear – Think winter and the only footwear image that pops in mind is that of boots! You can pack boots of all sorts from knee-length to ankle boots. Wellington or Uggs can also be packed for rainy days.

Accessories – Apart from colorful scarves and large handbags you will also need waterproof gear like a raincoat or an umbrella.

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