What to wear in San Francisco in December

Posted on Jun 28 2013 - 11:48am by Tyler Coleman

The beautiful and breathtaking city of San Francisco in North California is a sight in any weather. No matter when you visit it, the city will welcome you with all its warmth and mild weather, giving you a perfect refuge from extreme hot or cold weather. And, if you really want to become a part of the city, try becoming a local, such as talking like them or dressing up like them. One way to do that is by knowing what to wear in San Francisco in December, since you are visiting it in that month and then not mention the city as “San Franc” or “Frisco”; try referring it as “The City” or SF. People will think you are a local.

What to wear in San Francisco in December

Weather of San Francisco in December

December is the time winters set foot in the city of San Francisco. Though it gets chillier in January, you can experience the chills in December, too. The winds blowing from Pacific Coast also lead to a dip in temperature. The temperature varies according to places. You can cover the entire city and find places with dense fog and sunny patches and unusual rains. The best way is to be prepared for all sorts of mood swings of SF weather.

What to Wear in San Francisco?

Though the weather is milder in early December, you will still need heavy jackets and cashmere cardigans and other stuff. You can choose to skip mammoth-sized coats or gloves as they will not be required in December or may be not even in January. Here are some clothing suggestions.

Women – Ladies can go for t-shirts and full-sleeve blouses. You can add layers of cardigans or sweaters if you are staying out late. Chances are you can even spend day in your khakis and cotton pants.

Men – Guys can go for t-shirts and full-sleeve shirts during day along with a lightweight sweater. You can also add layers such as a jacket over it or carry woolens if you are going to stay out late. Chances are you’ll need them for later part of the day. If you are planning a visit to a nightclub or a restaurant, don’t forget your formals or a suit.

Kids – You can wrap your kids in layers of clothes such as t-shirts and shirts or tops for girls along with khaki pants or jeans. However, jeans are a better option, too, as they will easily take you through evenings and night. You can add light- or medium-weight sweaters, too, along with some woolens.

Footwear – Opt for shoes that are comfortable and let you walk without pain. You can also keep some heels or boots and a pair of formal shoes for going out at night.

Accessories – As it can rain anytime, you can also carry trench coat or windbreakers and umbrellas. Sunscreen lotion and sunglasses are a must-have in this city. You can also keep a hat and a nice handbag to carry your stuff around.

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