What to Wear in San Francisco in April

Posted on Mar 8 2014 - 4:34am by Tyler Coleman
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San Francisco is a beautiful city located in the California Bay Area. This city offers visitors an abundance of different things to do, places to see and unique venues. When coming to San Francisco it is important to know a few things about the city, its climate and weather. For those thinking of traveling to this city in the month of April, this would be a great time. April being a Spring month offers a warm, yet cool climate that is fairly comfortable and enjoyable. Packing for your trip to San Francisco requires that you take the climate of the city into consideration.

What to Wear in San Francisco in April

Weather in San Francisco in April

The weather in San Francisco in April is very pleasant and offers very little rainfall and plenty of sunshine. When coming to San Francisco you should expect some very warm afternoon weather with some cooler evenings. The city is located next to Pacific Ocean, so the wind chill of this area can be rather chilly. The average rainfall experienced during April will be a light drizzle that may only last a few hours. The average highs of San Francisco in April is around 18 degrees Celsius with lows of about 10 degrees Celsius.

What to Wear and How to Pack for  San Francisco in April

When it comes to packing for your trip to San Francisco in April there are a few things to remember. The afternoons in San Francisco will be particularly sunny and warm offering you plenty of options for your apparel. On the other hand during the evening time you will want to bundle up or at least bring longer sleeve clothing. Keep in mind that San Francisco is in the midst of the Bay Area. This means that the temperature at night can become incredibly cold within a few hours.

Women: What to wear

Women should pack for San Francisco with a majority of spring time clothing consisting of bright colors and plenty of comfortable clothes. A staple of your luggage should be shorts as these are very comfortable for walking around the city. Shorts can be worn with a variety of different tops. Some great options would be a simple T shirt or a henley shirt. Also you can wear a long sleeve T shirt with shorts for those chilly mornings when you still want to be comfortable. A skirt can be substituted for the shorts, for a different style during the afternoon.

During the evening time it is important to have a nice pair of jeans to help keep you warm. A nice pair of skinny jeans can go great with a long sleeve dress shirt. The dress shirt works well for going out in the evening because it is both casual as well as trendy. Many women will wear this with a nice light jacket or a sweater on top of it. This option is perfect going to local night venues and bars. For nightclubs it is good to bring a few options of dress or casual short skirts for the evening.

Men: What to wear

Men traveling to San Francisco should bring a variety of clothes from shorts to pants. These options are great to add some variety to your wardrobe. One of the best outfit options for a man would be a simple pair of cargo shorts with a nice v neck T shirt. This by far is one of the most comfortable outfit ideas you can wear. The shorts will keep you cool during the afternoon and the V neck T shirt offers a bit of style. You could substitute the shorts with a pair of nice jeans that can go with a variety of graphic T shirts and sweaters.

During the evening time it is a good idea for a man to bring a variety of dress shirts. These dress shirts are perfect for going out to nightclubs or to bars. These will help you stand out amongst the rest of the fellows at the venue. A great outfit for men would be to add a nice vest or a sweater to the dress shirt with a nice pair of dark wash jeans. For a more trendy look, you can add a nice pair of slacks to the outfit.

Kids: What to wear

Kids should wear comfortable materials including: cotton and wool. Girls should wear a nice skirt or a pair of Capris that will allow them to be comfortable. Boys and girls can both wear jeans and shorts with a nice T shirt that will keep them comfortable. Kids can also benefit from wearing a light sweater during the evening times with a nice pair of denim pants. These outfit options will help keep your children warm while in the chilly weather of San Francisco.

Footwear: What to wear

The best footwear to bring with you on a trip to San Francisco in April, is a nice pair of tennis shoes. There are a variety of big name tennis shoes companies that will offer you shoes that are comfortable as well as stylish. Tennis shoes go great with a wide variety of different clothes including evening wear. A nice pair of boots is another great footwear option for those visiting San Francisco. Boots are perfect for the evening time when the temperature drops. Aside from boots and tennis shoes, it is good to bring a few options of dress shoes.

Accessories: What to wear

One great accessory to bring with you is a nice pair of sunglasses. There are a variety of different shades and sunglasses that can help keep your eyes safe from the rays of the sun. Many times the San Francisco weather will be clear and the sunshine can affect your eyesight. Another great option for you would be a nice hat or another type of headwear. A hat is not only an great accessories, but also allows you to shade your eyes from the sun. Finally a nice umbrella is a nice option for keeping those rainy days.

Things to Do San Francisco in April

There are a variety of things to do when coming to San Francisco in April. One of the most well known things would be to go to one of the various concerts that will be going on. There are a variety of different groups and singers that visit San Francisco  every year. Some of the most well known groups include: Bruno Mars, Skinny Pups and the Steve Miller Band. For children there is the Disney on Ice concert that is perfect. It is very easy to find the tickets online for the best seats.

San Francisco in April Activities

The city offers you plenty of things to do when visiting. Earth Day in San Francisco offers you a great opportunity to plant trees and shrubbery. Earth Day is a great time to see San Francisco and all the beauty that the city has to offer. While visiting San Francisco you should also check out International Beer Festival in April. This is a great opportunity for you to taste some of the best in spirits and alcohol. This Festival is a great venue for visitors coming to San Francisco for the first time. f