What to Wear in San Diego in January

Posted on Jan 20 2014 - 12:18pm by Tyler Coleman

The beautiful city of San Diego is located in sunny southern California. This city is well know for it beautiful sandy beaches, breath-taking architecture, and unbelievable sights. San Diego is also known for its warm to hot weather that is perfect for going to the beach and enjoying some sun. With over two million visitors to this city every year, San Diego is definitely of the most well known tourist towns in the United States. For anyone considering visiting San Diego in January it is important to pack appropriately.

What to Wear in San Diego in January

What to Wear in San Diego in January

For families visiting San Diego in January it is important to know the climate and temperature of San Diego during this time. The month of January is apart of the rainy season in San Diego. The weather during this month is incredibly unstable and is very hard to prepare for. This month comes with some rainfall and a few winter storms. The average highs is about 20 degrees Celsius and the lows are about 9 degrees Celsius. The best choice of clothing to bring to San Diego, is a wide assortment of different clothing.

Women Wear: San Diego in January

Women considering what to wear in San Diego in January, should bring plenty of warm clothing. Women should also, bring a variety of different clothing for the unpredictable weather conditions of San Diego. During the daytime it is a good idea for a woman to bring some long sleeve shirts. These shirts can include: button up shirts, or sweaters for you to stay warm with. Another great option for women to wear during the daytime is a warm, but light jacket. These jackets can also be swapped out for hoodies. Hoodies will help keep your hair warm while you are spending time in daytime San Diego. During the evening time it is important for a woman to wear denim jeans or an overcoat, if you plan on wearing a dress.

Men Wear: San Diego in January

Men should bring a few pairs of comfortable sweatshirts and sweatpants to stay warm in the daytime. Since San Diego is very close to the water the temperature can drop incredibly fast during the day. It is important that a man bring a nice jacket(preferably one with a hood on it). January is right in the middle of the rainy season for San Diego. Also it is a good idea that you bring a few different pants options, as they will help keep your legs warm while in San Diego. At night a sweater or pullover is a great option and should be worn with a overcoat. Dress pants or chinos can work well with your pullovers or sweaters.

Kids Wear: San Diego in January

Kids should wear a heavy fabrics as a standard for their clothing. Kids can also benefit from wearing thermals underneath their clothing. A nice jacket should be worn during the daytime. A windbreaker will also work for visiting the beach. Kids should also wear pants or young girls can wear capri pants. Kids should also have a heavy coat for the night time, as the temperature falls incredibly low. Jeans, chinos or denim pants are also very great options for both daytime as well as nighttime.

Footwear: San Diego in January

Footwear should include tennis shoes that are perfect for doing some extensive walking and sightseeing during the daytime. Footwear should also include boots that are made for rain as you may experience some rainfall during your visit. During the nighttime, a nice pair of dress shoes or heels is perfect for any occasion.

Accessories: San Diego in January

The only accessory that you would really need is an umbrella for the trip.

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