What to wear in Rome Italy

Posted on Jul 5 2013 - 4:28am by Tyler Coleman

The beautiful city of Rome is also the capital of Italy and has been a tourist attraction for many years. If you are planning on visiting this mesmerizing city then you better know what to wear in Rome, Italy. This would let you fit better with indigenous people and enjoy your stay in the city.

What to wear in Rome Italy

Weather of Rome Italy

Rome has a Mediterranean weather with summers that are hot and dry and winters that can get rainy. As it lies a little back from Italy’s west coast around the center of the country, it is cooler than Southern parts of Italy in winters and hotter in summers. The most popular time to visit is during summers due to its Mediterranean climate, but another reason is the vast cultural attractions in Rome.

Here is a lowdown on the major season in Rome:

Summer – The season starts from June and ends in September and is characterized by endless hours of sunshine and intense heat. You can actually feel the absence of the sea breeze as heat takes over the city. The average temperature ranges from 27 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Autumn – After summer, autumn takes control of the city with incessant drizzles making October and November the wettest months of the year. Mercury takes a dip and you can experience cooler temperatures.

Winter – Winters in Rome are rainy and of course cold! Starting from December and ending in February, the months are quite cold as temperatures dip down to 4 degrees Celsius. Though it does not fall up to freezing levels, witnessing snowfall and frosts during these months are not uncommon.

Spring – The weather becomes pleasant between March and May as this is spring time and you can expect sunny days.

What to Wear in Rome Italy?

It is said “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and the quote fits to clothes, too! If you want to mix up with the indigenous people, you got to dress up like them. Here are some suggestions.

Women – Your clothing choices will depend largely on the season you are visiting Rome. However, you can pack in layers as this will give you the advantage of removing and adding clothes. One moment you can go sleeveless and the next moment you can cover up if the weather changes. You can pack in general, like a pair of jeans that you can wear anytime and anywhere. Also, pack a sleeveless and a full-sleeve top along with shorts and crops both. Some churches there are very strict about their dress code, so make sure you have at least a conservative dress in your packing bag.

Men – You too will have to pack according to the weather. In summers, you can just do with a pair of shorts and T-shirt, but come autumn and winters and you will have to cover up with more than just a shirt. A full-sleeve shirt in the dark color of something in stripes and a pair of trousers is must-have at all seasons. For winters, you can pack fewer woolens like an overcoat. For just a normal weather, you can do well with a shirt, T-shirt, jeans, and a light sweater.

Kids – The best rule of packing for kids is to pack in layers. Skirts, shorts, Capris, and tank-tops will be good enough in the summers, but for winters you will need to layer them with woolens and fleece. The summers are too hot, so you will need a lot of cotton and khaki clothes. On the other hand, winters are too cold and you will need the warmest of clothes. An umbrella or a raincoat is must as Rome experiences a lot of rainfall.

Footwear – The only rule for packing footwear is to put comfort before style. However, if you can get both, it’s an advantage. You can pack sneakers, gladiators, and flip-flops. For upscale areas, you can keep a good pair of heels and formal shoes. You can also pack snow-boots, if you are visiting in winters.

Accessories – An umbrella and a raincoat are must-haves all year round. A sunscreen and a glam pair of sunglasses are also necessary. Italian women are big on scarves, so you can keep a trendy few. Gloves and woolen socks will be required in winters.

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