What to Wear in Rio de Janeiro

Posted on Aug 6 2013 - 7:25am by Tyler Coleman
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Also known as ‘cidade maravilhosa’ (marvelous city), Rio is truly a paradise. It is not difficult as to guess why! It has one of the most stunning Rio carnival and Samba parties that stretch throughout days and nights, and not to forget its equally stunning setting in Brazil. It might not be the capital of country but it definitely is the most popular city. To get a better taste of the culture here, you must know what to wear in Rio de Janeiro so that you don’t stick out as a tourist.

What to Wear in Rio de Janeiro

Weather of Rio de Janeiro

Rio lies to southeast of the country on the Atlantic Ocean and thus has a tropical climate with warm temperatures and plenty of rainfall. Average annual temperature is 23 degrees Celsius, ranging from 17 to 30 degrees in various months; though hotter and colder temperatures are also possible. As Rio lies in southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed here. Here are its major seasons:

Summer – Summer here begins from late November and lasts until March. The average highs are in mid 30s during summer. Even nights see temperature in 20s, so it is hot during nights, too. Rainfall is at its peak in summer. Summer is the time when you want the sea breeze to blow.

Winter – From June to August, it is winter in Rio. It is still warm but average temperatures are still 5 degrees cooler than summer. Rainfall is lowest in winters, though you can still come across a shower or two.

Spring and Autumn – As equatorial climate of Rio gives little seasonal variations, spring and autumn are short seasons and don’t undergo dramatic changes. The only difference is that spring is a little drier than autumn.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Rio de Janeiro

There isn’t anything to wonder about what to wear in Rio as temperature is usually warm and it is a fairly casual city. So, pack light and mostly summer dresses. Here are some suggestions:

Women – As Rio has plenty of beaches, you will have to bring a bathing suit. Bikini or one-piece is also good but do bring a towel or sarong to cover up. Usually, summer will not require jeans, but for winter season you will need your denims. So, pack a skinny pair and the best part is they are acceptable in the trendiest of restaurants, too, when paired with good shoes and tops, of course! For rest of the seasons, you can go for loose t-shirts paired with tights. Shorts and skirts are also totally acceptable. A casual jacket and a long-sleeve cardigan would be good for winters.

Men – As temperature barely varies throughout the year, light packing along with a few essentials will be helpful. You can go for cropped pants and V-neck t-shirts which can also be paired with Bermuda shorts. To hit the beach, you just need a bathing suit or shorts and a towel, maybe. To get a slightly formal touch, you can go for collared shirts and pair them with semi-formal pants or well-fitted jeans. You can top them off with a good jacket. The winter season will only require a jacket and sweater more, or something that can be easily layered.

Kids – Pack light for your kids, too. Summerdresses and half-sleeve tops and t-shirts will be good for girls. You can go for miniskirts and shorts in cotton or tights and slacks, too. Boys can opt for polo-neck t-shirts and Bermuda shorts or jeans. Jumpsuits aren’t just comfortable but trendy, too, so you can go for them too. For winter wear, pack casual jackets and sweaters that can be layered with jeans and full-sleeve tops and shirts.

Footwear – No matter what you intend to do in Rio, comfortable footwear is must-have in this city. Lightweight, water-resistant walking boots that can also be worn with jeans are your best bet in the city and on rainy days. Also make sure to bring non-slippery footwear. You will also want to bring trendy dress shoes.

Accessories – The city is also known for its crime rate, so make sure you have a good bag where you can safely keep your stuff. Apart from that, you will just need sunglasses, sunscreen, and an umbrella or a hat.