What to Wear in Puerto Rico

Posted on Jul 24 2013 - 5:46am by Tyler Coleman
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The island of Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and lies between the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands. This beautiful island is home to nearly 4 million people and is thronged by a number of tourists each year who want to enjoy the pristine white-sand beaches, turquoise water and ideal climate of this tropical place. So, knowing what to wear in Puerto Rico is as important as relaxing in the sun in this tropical paradise. We tell you how doing that!

What to Wear in Puerto Rico

Weather of Puerto Rico

This island is situated in the tropics and surrounded by water completely. Its climate is classified as tropical marine, which means there are minimum seasonal variations but a relatively high amount of humidity. The island rarely experiences any extreme weather, such as too hot or too cold owing to the prevailing winds also known as trade winds that blow from the east and moderate its temperature.

There is not much difference between summer and winter temperatures in Puerto Rico. During winters, along the coast, you can expect daytime temperature to be around 80 degrees Fahrenheit which falls to 70s during the night. Summer, too, faces almost the same temperatures. However, temperature decreases with altitude which runs 5 to 15 degrees lower in the mountains. It never gets cold enough to snow here.

Its rainy season is also not prominent much compared to other tropical islands. You can expect rains during winter and early spring, i.e., from May to November. Even they don’t last much and you will only witness short showers with the exception of tropical storms.

What to Wear and How to Pack in Puerto Rico?

The island of Puerto Rico has a rich cultural history and that is reflected from their clothing. Though you will see western outfits everywhere, the traditional outfits come out only during special occasions and traditional holidays. You can do well with some western clothing, but if you want to become a part of their culture, we say you go for some traditional outfits. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Women here dress up like any other place and they like to look nice, but they wear more than what people wear in Miami. As it is always summer in Puerto Rico, we suggest you bring your summer clothes along. You can go for tight- or loose-fitting clothes based on your taste. In fact, both are acceptable here. But women here know how to cover up. Keep the shorts and belly shirts only for beach. Same goes for miniskirts. You can pack a slightly longer skirt that comes up to your knees or a long flowy skirt that goes with a tank- or tube-top. That would do in the city! Also keep sundresses; they will always be your savior.

Men – Men here prefer Guayabera shirts which are actually Cuban button shirts. They can be worn over an undershirt and their tailored but loose fitting makes them perfect to be paired with trousers. You can also keep Bermuda shorts and loose-fitting t-shirts. Men can often be spotted in basketball attire, like Nike shorts and sneakers. Bob Marley t-shirts are pretty big here; you can go for them too. Also keep a pair of formal shirt and trousers, in cotton preferably.

Kids – The teens here prefer the surfer look. You can spot a lot of kids with a quicksilver t-shirt along with a shell necklace and flip-flops known as choncletas here. Or, you will mostly find them in biggie clothes with loose fittings. So you can pack loose t-shirts and shorts for your kids. Jumpsuits will also do well.

Footwear – Flip-flops known as choncletas can be spotted on everyone here. So you will also need a pair. People also wear sneakers and basketball shoes outside. So you will not have to compromise on comfort in PR. Just wear what you feel comfortable in.

Accessories – As it is beach location, your accessories will consist of beachwear, of course. Shell necklaces, bracelets can be bought from the local stores for a more authentic look. As rains are very frequent here, carry your umbrella or a raincoat. Don’t forget a sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat. You’ll surely have a great time with all these accessories in Puerto Rico!