What to Wear in Puerto Rico in November

Posted on Jul 30 2013 - 8:06am by Tyler Coleman
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Though small in size, Puerto Rico is a true paradise in the form of an island. Once you are here, you will not want to go back. But before you do come here, make sure you know what to wear in Puerto Rico in November. Learning a little Spanish will also help!

What to Wear in Puerto Rico in November

Weather of Puerto Rico in November

Compared to many other holiday destinations in Europe, Puerto Rico is relatively warm. Although the chances of rain are always high, you can expect plenty of sunshine too (up to 9 hours a day) on crisp, sunny days. Temperatures can reach up to 21 degree Celsius during daytime while nights can get a bit chilly and experience a drop down to 16 degrees.

What to Wear and How to Dress for Puerto Rico in November?

It is warm in PR during November and people come here to leave winter behind, so pack according to warm season. Here are some suggestions:

Women – You can go for cotton and linen tops and shorts or skirts. For partying or dining, sexy is always in! Keep a little black dress and you are set. It gets cold during night, so pack a sweater or two and a bikini and a sarong for the beach.

Men – Keep casual and lightweight clothes for PR. Leisurewear is acceptable in resorts while casual and informal is the basic rule here. Keep a formal shirt and black pants anyway along with a leather jacket. Save your shorts for the beach.

Kids – For your kids, you can opt for cotton shorts and tops. Half- or full-sleeve t-shirts will also be good. You can keep jumpsuits, too, along with lightweight sweaters. Pack light for your kids, too!

Footwear – Flip-flops, if you are planning for the beach; and hiking boots or sneakers, if you plan to go hiking! For sightseeing and other purposes, you can keep flat ballets and loafers. Outwear can also include heels and formal shoes.

Accessories – The city is fairly casual, so you will just need a good bag to keep your stuff. Sunglasses and sunscreen are required year round here along with hats. For hiking and outdoor activities, hiking boots and a rain jacket are absolutely necessary.