What to Wear in Puerto Rico in December

Posted on Jun 28 2013 - 11:31am by Tyler Coleman
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If you wish to evade winters, Puerto Rico is the place to go. It is a great travel destination for anyone wanting to visit a tropical paradise and a lively city accompanied with hot desert and cool mountain location. Ironic! Isn’t it? But that’s the way Puerto Rico is. The weather here varies according to topography and not according to seasons. But still, you’ll have a great time in the city no matter what location you choose. The obvious question: what to wear in Puerto Rico in December? The answer is quite simple; just read on.

What to Wear in Puerto Rico in December

Weather of Puerto Rico in December

The best time to visit Puerto Rico is from mid-December to April. But no matter which month you choose to go, you’ll find a very consistent weather in this city. It is sunny in the day, but not too hot and free from the threat of hurricanes. The weather here doesn’t change much. At its coolest, it doesn’t dip below 73 degrees Fahrenheit; and the hottest rarely rises above 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t get disappointed by this and don’t think that you will melt in such weather; it varies according to the location. So don’t worry and pack your bags.

What to Wear in Puerto Rico?

As already mentioned, the temperature here varies according to the topography, so you will have to pack according to where you are going to visit. It can really get hot towards south of central mountain range which is actually a dry desert terrain. At the same time, the interiors of the mountain ranges can be the coolest in the city. So, wear clothes that will suit the weather and fit you in the right kind of crowd.

Women – Wear what you wear in JULY! Think of all cotton and khaki shorts and tank tops and you are set to go. Just carry a light sweater or shawl for cool night breezes and air conditioners. Also keep classy and elegant dresses to have a taste of PR’s nightlife. The people here are very fashionable, so you wouldn’t want to look under dressed.

Men – Think cotton and khaki. Take out those shorts and dump the denims in this city. Just a formal shirt or two and trousers for nightclubs and restaurants would do. Fashionable and sexy clothing will fit you in the right crowd in bars and nightclubs or restaurants. So, don’t just pack shorts, carry some formal clothes, too, along with a light jacket.

Kids – Tank tops and skirts and sundresses for girls. Boys can also go for shorts and t-shirts. A light jacket for both will do just fine in December.

Footwear – For walking, you can stick to sandals or flip-flops for the beach. For nighttime, you can keep elegant heels and formal shoes.

Accessories – The accessories in this city only comprise of beachwear. Bathing suits, flip-flops, sunglasses, sun tan lotion, goggles, and a nice bag to carry all this with you.

Remember to pack light as the city is internationally famous for its local fashion, souvenirs, and other stuff.