What to Wear in Prague

Posted on Jul 27 2013 - 12:31pm by Tyler Coleman
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Prague is a beautiful city and everyone who visits it is sure to be mesmerized. The city is not only popular for its romantic air and ambience, but also for its taste in style. You will find nicely-dressed Czech people everywhere, and if you do not want to be spotted as a tourist, you better know what to wear in Prague. With a little natural immersion, you are sure to love every bit of Prague.

What to Wear in Prague

Weather in Prague

Prague has a continental climate with marked and remarkable differences in its seasons. The city experiences hot, rainy summers and cold winters. Spring and autumn witness an entire range of changeable weather.

Summer – You experience warm weather in the summers here so much that the temperature reaches above 30 degrees Celsius during August. The evenings are much cooler and sometimes you need a jacket to step out. This is also the wettest time in Prague.

Autumn – Autumn weather is unpredictable here. One day it is T-shirt weather and a few days later you will be witnessing snowflakes. Since there is much difference between summer and winter weather, autumn and spring are the seasons of rapid change. September is warm; by November it gets really cold. Rainfall also starts to reduce in autumn.

Winter – The city is cold in winters and experiences snowfall, too. The average temperature is zero in December and drops down further by January and February. It gets severely cold during nights here; so much that -20 degrees seems common. You can still enjoy crisp days though, as precipitation is still low.

Spring – Like autumn, spring is also a time of rapid change from one weather to another. With the advent of spring, the snow starts melting and you can see the city in full bloom. May has an average temperature of about 5 degrees but as it passes, temperatures soar to mid 20s.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Prague?

Now that you know the temperature of Prague can touch extremes, consider packing accordingly. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Shorts and skirts are a good choice but only for the day. With the cool evening breeze, you would be wishing you had brought something foul. Don’t shy away from packing slacks and jeans or trousers. You can go for mid-length skirts as they look glam and will work with tank-tops and full-sleeve blouses, too. Miniskirts are the national costume during summers, so don’t shy away from them. A light jacket is also essential for the cooler evenings of Prague. You can pack jumpsuits or pantsuits. In case it gets cold, just layer them with a blazer. Twill or stretch pants are also perfectly good choices. For autumn, you will just need a cozy cardigan, but with fall in temperature, you will need something warmer like woolen sweaters or fleece jackets. For extremely cold weather, use the rule of layering along with an overcoat or duffle coats.

Men – Summers will pretty much require vests and Bermuda shorts along with a few T-shirts. You might need a light jacket during the evening. With a slight fall in temperature, you will require full-sleeve shirts along with jeans and trousers. You can carry semi-formal pants and button-down shirts and wear them pretty much at every occasion here. Just remember to carry a heavy jacket or a leather one. For even colder weather, you can pack an overcoat or chesterfield jackets along with warm trousers.

Kids – Skirts and shorts along with tank- or tube-tops are ideal summer clothes. Pack a light jacket for the evenings. For colder temperatures, you can pack full-sleeve shirts and tops and warm trousers and leggings. You can also go for leather jackets and woolen sweaters.

Footwear – Remember to bring comfy shoes as most of the sightseeing will be done walking. Ankle booties are perfect for colder temperatures. Remember not to wear any white sneakers; apart from them, everything else will work. You can go for wedged platforms, espadrilles, or flat ballets.

Accessories – A shoulder bag and trendy sunglasses are must haves in Prague. You can also go for scarves to glam up your outfit. As far as hats are concerned, you can go for wide-brim or fedora.  Berets are also very popular and cute. Consider bringing trench, too!