What to Wear in Prague in Winter

Posted on Jul 1 2013 - 9:52am by Tyler Coleman

Winter is one of the best times for travelers to visit Prague. Winters in Prague starts from December and ends by February. December marks the beginning of the Christmas season; then comes January along with a thunder of lights and fireworks for display successes by February and its Valentine Day charm to make this city of romance even more attractive to couples. Though the weather is chilly, the city has a number of ways in which visitors can warm up, such as its pubs and cafes. There is so much to do even when the sun sets. Just with right kind of packing, you can have great vacation; and that starts with knowing what to wear in Prague in winters.

What to Wear in Prague in Winter

Weather of Prague in Winters

Winter in Prague is cold, in fact very cold; it is cold enough to freeze you. It can even snow, though on average the city witnesses very less precipitation in its three winter months.  This means you will really have to bundle up. Many of its sights are best seen on foot and if you intend to take a tour of Prague Castle, then come prepared with your winter kit, like scarves, gloves and a hat.

What to Wear in Prague?

Layers will be your best bet in Prague weather. You can opt for shirts under sweaters, warm socks under boots and a long coat that covers more than half of your body will keep you warm and cozy in the freezing temperatures.

Women – You will need some sort of polyester innerwear to keep your body warm. You can also pack woolen leggings or nylon ones to wear underneath skirts. Remember to pack a warm and long coats that breaks the wind. If you are prone to cold hands, pack a pair of warm gloves to keep your hands cozy or catch a fall in case it snows.  Also keep a scarf or two.

Men – You can keep clothes that can be worn one over other, i.e., can be layered like full- sleeve shirts along with sweaters and jackets, a long warm coat to allow you to go out even in chilling cold. Woolen or warm trousers or pants along with woolen socks that can be worn under shoes and boots would be great.

Kids – Pack thermals for your kids along with thick sweaters and woolens. You can also pack warm leggings or cotton stockings that can be worn underneath skirts and then can be layered with knee-length woolen socks and boots. You can also pack warm trousers and pants or jeans for boys; just make sure you have warm thermals.

Footwear – Leather shoes or boots will be your best bet in winters as they will let you walk and you can enjoy your time without catching cold or aching feet.

Accessories – The only accessory you will need is your winter kit. You can keep pretty scarves and hats along with gloves and woolen socks – basically everything that protects you from cold and makes you look glam, too! You will also need sunscreen and sunglasses.

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