What to Wear in Prague in September

Posted on Jul 1 2013 - 9:29am by Tyler Coleman

Prague – the city of romance and charms and extraordinary sophistication! What’s not to love in this city? The grand city with amazing historic and cultural sights is definitely worth a visit. The often reconstructed Prague castle has overlooked the city since 9th century and then there are synagogues and cemetery of the Jewish quarters, which are not to be missed at any cost.  Not only this, the nightlife here is very diverse and plentiful, from super trendy bars to sophisticated wine bars. Once you are here, you are bound to fall in love, may be with your partner or may be with this city. Know what to wear in Prague in September to make the vacation even better.

What to Wear in Prague in September

Weather of Prague in September

The weather in September in this lovely city is equally lovely with temperature ranging from 47 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the time when fall advents and summer starts fading with a dip in temperatures. Along with it, rainfall decreases, too. The moderate temperature of September makes it a favorite month of tourists to visit this city. This is specially a blessing for those who try to avoid busy and crowded places.

What to Wear in Prague?

Items of clothing that can be layered are to be brought in September. Since this is autumn, you will face mild temperatures, but the weather can slightly windy or cloudy during nights, that is when you’ll be wishing you had brought a sweater. So pack accordingly. Here is a hint!

Women – Take clothes that can be layered, such as short- sleeve shirts with a light sweater or a shrug. A full-sleeve blouse would be a good choice, too. If you want to stick to fashion basics, carry striped tops. They’ll come to your rescue whenever in doubt over what to wear, as they not only look effortless, but glam too! You can also take denims; or if denims aren’t your thing, go for stretched twill pants; you will love them for their glam quotient and comfort.

Men – The magic of stripes will work for men, too. Carry a crisp white shirt along with a full- sleeve striped shirt and pair it up with a khaki or black trousers. You’ll love the smart casual look and will not even feel cold if you are still out in the evenings. Just remember to layer it with a jacket or sweater.

Kids – Skirts with leggings and tops to complement the look for girls; boys can stick to t-shirts and trousers or shorts. Pack layers for kids, too!

Footwear – You know you have to walk, so carry shoes that let you do that. Closed-toe shoes, like sneakers or anything better if you have will do well.

Accessories – It might not rain, but that doesn’t mean it won’t! Carry an umbrella or raincoat, just in case it does. Sunscreen, sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats and a sling or handbag to ferry your stuff around with you will be more than required.

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