What to Wear in Prague in October

Posted on Jul 1 2013 - 9:13am by Tyler Coleman

You know what is in the air in Prague in October? Apart from love, it is the fragrance of autumn, the slightly chilly breezes and the adorable sunlight. You deserve a pat on the back for visiting this city in October for obvious reasons (stated above if you are still wondering what they are). All you need is the knowledge of what to wear in Prague in October and you are set to enjoy a few days in heaven (not literally)!

What to Wear in Prague in October

Weather of Prague in October

The weather of Prague in October is classic fall weather. The surroundings are breathtaking with pale yellow leaves and cooler air. The weather is in fact a kind of happy medium. And, just to make you feel even better, there is certain gravity to the city in October. The relatively cooler weather and lower angle of sun seems to add just a bit of ‘extraordinariness’ to the otherwise ordinary atmosphere. And, if you are thinking if it would rain or if it would snow, then the answer is…could be both! Just depends on your luck!

What to Wear in Prague?

Then comes the obvious question – what to wear? Well, October is basically a jacket month, but the fact is by the end of the month, this jacket would have been turned into a coat or would have grown several inches thicker.

Women – What you pack depends upon which part of October you are visiting the city in. If it is in the beginning, chances are you will just need a lightweight jacket or a thin sweater for evenings. Layering your clothes would do that. For later part, you might need a thick coat or a heavy jacket along with jeans or slacks. Layering will always rescue you in any weather. Just remember to pack accordingly.

Men – You can skip shorts in October and opt for jeans and trousers. Also, let go off half- sleeve shirts now; it is time to go for full. Pants, formal shirts, and lightweight jackets and sweaters for the beginning of the month are suggested. If you intend to stay longer, you can also keep a fitted coat or a blazer or a trench.

Kids – Kids can go for layers, too. You can layer your girl’s clothes with slacks and skirts and a top with a shrug that can be removed. She can also go for t-shirts and jeans along with a light jacket. Boys can go for shirts and jeans, trousers and loose jackets that can be removed as and when required.

Footwear – To get a good view of the city, you’ll have to walk, and you can’t probably walk in heels all day long. You can go for shoes, closed-toe sandals or bellies that provide you the comfort and aren’t suicidal for your feet.

Accessories – The inevitable question of rain and snow will haunt you if you don’t pack for both. Keep umbrellas and raincoats along with snow-boots so that you are ready for either one. Apart from them, carry the usual, like hats, scarves, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

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