What to Wear in Prague in November

Posted on Jul 1 2013 - 9:06am by Tyler Coleman

Though many castles and chateaux in Czech Republic start closing during winter season, many still remain open in Prague, especially the Prague Castle which is not jut open but ready to welcome visitors, too. There is a lot to do in Prague during November, like visiting the National Gallery or the Technical Museum; and then there are pre-Christmas celebrations and preparations in full swing. Even the winters here will not be able to put down your exuberance provided you know what to wear in Prague in November.

What to Wear in Prague in November

Weather of Prague in November

The cold seem even colder in this month with temperatures dripping down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit and rising only up to 43 degrees F. This is an indication of freezing weather! This is actually the beginning of winters with gray days and seemingly no end. This makes November a grumpy month, but this also means there would be fewer tourists and hence no crowd and prices would be cheaper. This makes it a good month to visit the city as you can enjoy your stay here for a longer duration.

What to Wear in Prague?

The cold temperature gets to you when you are sightseeing or trudging around, so to avoid such situations, pack a cold-weather gear like gloves, a scarf and a hat along with the usual’s. This is the time to take out the heavy winter coat.

Women – Expect at least two to three hours of sunshine; though, for most part of the day, the sky would be covered by gray clouds. Pack clothes that can be layered. A warm jacket and a thick one will obviously be required for daytime along with thick trousers and a warm blouse or top underneath. You can also keep a cap that covers your ears. For night, you can pack heavier clothes as temperatures dip even further.

Men – Keep some full-sleeve shirts that are warm, too, and can be worn underneath jackets and sweaters. You can carry warm trousers or any substitute in woolen for the same. For enduring the night temperatures, you will have to pack a heavy warm winter coat because jackets will not suffice during nights.

Kids – For your kids, you can go with the rule of layering. You can layer full-sleeved shirts or t- shirts with jackets and sweaters. You can also dress up your girl in skirts along with warm slacks and wear a jacket or a sweater over it. You can also keep that cover their heads.

Footwear – There is no way you can go for sandals now. Closed-toe shoes are your only option during November. You can go for sneakers or any other type of shoes that let you walk with ease and are strong and durable.

Accessories – You don’t have to worry about bringing an umbrella as it rarely rains or snows during November; however, you can pack winter stuff like gloves and scarves. A warm and cozy hat to cover your head and ears would be required along with sunscreen and sunglasses.

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