What to wear in Prague in June

Posted on Jul 1 2013 - 8:59am by Tyler Coleman

The climate of Prague is generally cold, so summer tends to be the season of choice for all tourists as temperature soars a little during this time. June happens to be the most popular month for visiting the beautiful city, so you might have to steer across fellow tourists and find the places crowded. But there is nothing to fret as this is also a time for holidays and events in Prague. There is ‘Prague Museum Night’ which is a free event occurring in the middle of June and features concerts, tours, lectures and performances. There is also International festival of contemporary dance where dance groups from all over Europe perform in the city. With so much to do and see, you might as well start packing right away. To know what to wear in Prague in June, read below.

What to wear in Prague in June

Weather of Prague in June

The temperature during this time is higher in 70s F. and this dry sunny weather makes it a perfect month for sightseeing. The only perk during this time is that you will have to fight for space in hotels, cafes, restaurants, pretty much everywhere. Thousands of people flock to Prague during summers for its superb events and lovely weather.

What to Wear in Prague?

Lightweight, long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts will be your most versatile items in summers in Prague. You can also carry a sweater or jacket for the time when the sun goes down or it gets cloudy.

Women — This city prefers smart casuals and doesn’t go over the top with fancy dresses. You should try that too! Think of keeping slacks, shorts and sundresses. Pretty and complimentary tops to go along with them! A khaki trench will carry you through most of the places and a little black dress (LBD) will be your best bet for both sightseeing and hitting the nightclubs.

Men – The rule of smart casuals applies to you, too! Cotton and khaki shirts and shorts or cargos will be comfortable for sightseeing. For nightclubs, you can keep a chesterfield coat and a fitted pair of shirt and trousers.

Kids – Pretty tops and skirts for your girl or you can also go for cropped pants or shorts. Boys can go for likes of men such as shorts, t-shirts, half- or full-sleeve shirts.

Footwear – The best way to explore this city is on foot. That means you will have o walk a lot, so carry comfortable and closed-toe shoes. You can also go for neutral-colored sandals and shoes for hitting upscale areas. The cobblestone walkways could be pain for your shoes, so carry shoes accordingly.

Accessories – Being on vacation doesn’t mean you can skip on accessories or cute little pieces of jewelry. Of course, a sunscreen and a glam pair of sunglasses are important. You can also keep earrings or neckpieces to go along with your dresses or pick up jewelry from local stores, too, if you want to add local flavors to your look.

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